For most teams, building a working and demonstrable application from the ground up in 24 hours is an impossible task. To achieve the impossible, you need to trust your teammates, be proficient in your coding skills, and have a development environment that enables you to focus on the application without worrying about the infrastructure. Sleep is clearly optional. For three teams, building a prize-winning application is exactly what they achieved at the DevWeek NY Hackathon.


Using NetApp® ONTAP® Cloud, the world’s leading branded storage operating system, Buzzer Butler, Insurance Data Analysis, and EcoBytes were chosen the top hacking teams. The challenge was straightforward. Build any application that showcases innovative use of NetApp ONTAP Cloud technology for AWS. ONTAP Cloud is built on NetApp’s leading storage OS, delivering enterprise-class cloud data storage management with advanced features such as cloning and replication.


Here are the winners, chosen by NetApp, and their projects.

First Place

Have you ever lived or worked in a building where it’s a pain to change the buzzer so you can forward calls to coworkers or roommates? The Buzzer Butler application controls third-party access and authentication to commercial buildings and apartments digitally via a mobile device. The Buzzer Butler team used NetApp ONTAP Cloud  to create a scalable build of the application releases for continuous service deployment with snapshots of the entire data environment automatically created before deployment, for rapid testing, blue-green deployment, and effective roll-back. NetApp technology was integrated via API Services (NetApp Service Level Manager) with Rancher for Container Orchestration and Scheduling (for Kubernetes, Cattle, Swarm, and so on) in hybrid cloud deployments, and creation of snapshot plug-in for Drone for automated continuous integration. Team members were Joachim Hill-Grannec, Allison Caldwell, Colby Pines, and Chris Buonocore. Read all about the application in the Buzzer Butler blog.


Second Place

Insurance Data Analysis (IDA) is an enterprise-grade, rich data exploration tool to analyze and explore the policy sales trend. IDA is built on NetApp ONTAP Cloud leveraging a mySQL database. The intuitive, user-friendly tool makes it easy for both developers and nondevelopers to create visualization components. ONTAP Cloud snapshot creation offers high availability of data for analysis and blazing fast data exploration. ONTAP Cloud cloning and replication capabilities via APIs make it possible to  automate, isolate, segregate, and optimize processing based on business unit functional requirements and roles. IDA offers fine-grained control of security to protect enterprise-critical data from unauthorized access. Team members were Mahesh Veerabathiran, Vigneshwaran Kennady, and Gowsalya Thiruvenkataswamy. Read all about the app in the IDA blog.


Third Place

EcoBites was inspired by NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s goal of sending zero waste to the landfills by 2030 and by his “Food Waste Challenge to Restaurants.” EcoBites built a React Native mobile application that allows consumers to monitor and report on restaurants’ environmental policies and practices. Specifically, it allows users to report whether a restaurant separates recyclables, compostable, and landfill waste and identifies use of biodegradable dishes and utensils. Users can also submit comments about a restaurant that are streamed live on the restaurant’s page. Our goal is to raise awareness about environmental conservation among both consumers and restaurants. To achieve this, we created an application written in Node.js using a mySQL database on NetApp ONTAP Cloud. Cloning the DB allows other businesses and government organizations to use the cloned data to run their services without affecting the reference data. Team members were Gladys Um, HanJun Chen, Kenneth Tsuji, Pat Sukhum, and Luis Carbajal. We hope that our app will encourage restaurants to adopt more eco-friendly practices. Read all about the app in the EcoBites GitHub


If you’re interested in learning more about NetApp and ONTAP Cloud, I encourage you to visit thePub for more information. ThePub brings together brewmasters like you: the developers and automation experts who make technology go.


Michael Elliott

Michael Elliott is NetApp’s Cloud Evangelist and thought leader focusing on data center evolution with particular emphasis on private and hybrid clouds. Michael started his career as a mainframe programmer for General Electric and held the role of adjunct professor of marketing at the University of Akron. Michael has a mathematics degree from the University of Cincinnati and an MBA from Pennsylvania State University.