Join SolidFire for the Perfect Pour Happy Hour, happening in cities across the U.S. beginning February 25th!


It’s February, Winter Storm Quantum has gripped the nation from the Rockies to the Deep South, and we pick this week to start our national “Perfect Pour” roadshow. Great timing.


But I do think it’s worth braving the elements to come join us. The events comprise much more of a happy hour (hence the Perfect Pour!) than a formal roadshow and are designed to bring together customers, prospects, partners, and the SolidFire gang in a casual setting. Sure, we’ll have some structured dialogue to kick off the event, but the real intention is to create discussion around the SolidFire platform and the business impacts customers have seen after deploying SolidFire.


We will be using customer deployment examples focused on large-scale VMware environments and OpenStack use cases to illustrate how customers have deployed SolidFire and the results they’ve seen. We will also open up the kimono on our latest customer surveys to show specific business results of deploying SolidFire.


So, please do come join us! It will be casual and provide enough technical discussion to satisfy the geeks among us and offer a real focus on business impact, too. And there will be beer.


The series kicks off this week and will run through April (hopefully the weather will have improved by then). We’ve listed the upcoming dates and cities below, and have linked the registration page for you as well.


We look forward to seeing you soon. Cheers to the Perfect Pour!

  • Austin, TX – February 25
  • Palo Alto, CA – March 4
  • Seattle, WA – March 5
  • Denver, CO – March 10
  • Atlanta, GA – March 12
  • Birmingham, AL – March 19
  • Charlotte, NC – March 25
  • Boston, MA – April 7
  • Irvine, CA – Coming soon
  • Southern FL – Coming soon
  • Raleigh, NC – Coming soon
  • NYC/NJ Area – Coming soon

James Whitemore

James Whitemore is VP, Brand and Demand Marketing for NetApp. His focus is on building teams, programs, and solutions that are organized around the customer, understanding and meeting the needs of an ever more diverse and global customer base.