It’s been over two-and-a-half years since we launched the Fueled by SolidFire (FBSF) program! Looking back at the many successful moments, and the few not-so-successful moments, it’s easy to see that the program has come a long way in a very short time, evolving into the best program available today to service providers in the storage industry.


I’ll share a quick introduction and history of the program and explain some of the evolution FBSF has taken that is resulting in proven value to business for our service provider customers.


What service providers want

The FBSF program at its inception was really designed to help service providers create marketing programs to allow them to sell more services that run on SolidFire storage. This still stands today as part of the post-sales co-marketing piece of the program, but what we did not expect was how the pre-sales part of the program would take off and end up being a key differentiator for us in the service provider space.


We learned that not only could we help our service providers market their storage offerings, but we could also provide significant data about what other service providers were doing in the market and about how others were packaging their solutions for sale. Using that insight, we were able to deliver productization assistance and very accurate pricing models based on unique service providers’ go-to-market positions.


As is turns out <humor>, service providers around the world are very carefully determining how they spend their capital, and storage is frustratingly the single largest expense outside of labor in a typical hosting company. As soon as service providers realize how our experienced FBSF team can help walk them through the productization math, they instantly realize that not only is the SolidFire storage system unique, but so is the way in which SolidFire helps our service provider prospects and customers understand the true business math behind the system before they spend their valuable capital and make a three- to five-year infrastructure bet.


A transformed FBSF
Two-and-a-half years later the program not only has pre-launch planning, go-to-market consulting, and post-launch marketing and lead generation support, but it also has technical and architectural experts that help service providers dig through the technical challenges of deploying new services and solutions into the market. The program has grown even more recently and has now been launched into our global reseller channel with a very select group of SolidFire partners worldwide taking on the Master Cloud Builder Program designation with a Fueled by SolidFire specialization.


The Fueled by SolidFire Program has come a long way, helping our service provider customers build and deploy more predictable and profitable storage services. We still have a few more FBSF surprises up our sleeve that will be revealed in due time, but in the meantime we will continue to support our service provider prospects and customers and deliver the best pre- and post-sale go-to-market programs in the storage business.


Stay tuned for more! If you’re ready to see how FBSF can transform your service provider business, take our free storage assessment.

Stuart Oliver

Stuart is the Director of Worldwide Channel Strategy and Readiness team at NetApp. His primary role involves coordinating all channel strategy and readiness efforts that focus on the go to market success of NetApp’s channel partners globally. Prior to his current role, Stuart led all service provider go-to-market, product marketing and consulting helping provide market guidance on the productization, pricing and strategic positioning of their next generations infrastructure services.

Stuart Oliver has been working at NetApp (formerly SolidFire) for over six years and prior to SolidFire/NetApp, spent a number of years in product marketing and product management at Hosting, a cloud and managed hosting services provider headquartered in Denver, Colorado. He has over 20 years’ experience working in executive I.T. Management, Product Management and Product Marketing roles.

Stuart attended and graduated from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and the University of Denver in Denver Colorado.

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