From mobile phones to fitness trackers, data is everywhere in our lives. In healthcare, using this data in meaningful ways has the potential for people to live longer healthier lives. Electronic health record (EHR) adoption is enabling healthcare organizations to deliver real-time information to physicians, nurses, and other caregivers to make better decisions and more accurate diagnoses at the point of care.


As healthcare data grows exponentially, analytics will be a very real and integral part of the healthcare continuum moving forward. For example, health insurance company WellPoint, the second-largest U.S. health insurer, analyzes and processes data from 605,000 pieces of medical evidence, two million pages of text, 25,000 training cases and 14,700 clinician hours to assist in medical decision-making. With more healthcare organizations investing in better ways to use data, analytics will pave a path for impacting and improving care.


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