This blog is part 1 of a three-part series that explains how flash storage can simplify, accelerate, and future-proof your data center so you’re better prepared for increasing business demands. For a deeper dive, download the whitepaper “Make Your Infrastructure Data Ready with All-Flash Storage.” 


Complexity is one of the biggest barriers to data center success. Complex and aging infrastructure drives up capital costs (capex), while complicated management, outdated tools, and risky manual processes drive up operating costs (opex) and keep your team from delivering more value to your business. All-flash storage simplifies your infrastructure and your operations, delivering substantial savings.


For example, Shanghai PPDAI Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. was faced with aging storage. All production systems, including core database and virtualization applications, were using disk-based storage. With performance requirements rising and a need for extremely low latency, the IT team upgraded to NetApp® flash storage. They not only accelerated transaction performance by up to 3x and reduced latency below 0.7ms, they also reduced costs by 60% to 70%, with additional savings in space, power, and cooling.


NetApp delivers the world’s fastest and densest enterprise-class all-flash storage. This blog explains the effect that flash storage has on both infrastructure and operations.


Simplified Infrastructure

Many IT teams don’t recognize the impact that out-of-date infrastructure has on the bottom line. By updating your data center infrastructure, you can achieve:

  • Increased density. Replace older equipment to free up valuable space and decrease money spent on power and cooling.
  • Greater flexibility. Keep up with the evolving IT environment by making infrastructure choices with the future in mind, including the cloud.
  • Infrastructure standardization. Eliminate specialized infrastructure to create a simpler, more flexible data center that adapts to new requirements and enables self-service.

Because of improvements in storage technology over the past few years and the rapid transition to flash, you have a significant opportunity to increase density and standardize infrastructure by replacing older storage systems.


NetApp all-flash storage can reduce storage footprint, power, and cooling by up to 10x. In just 4U of rack space, NetApp can deliver over 1PB of effective capacity, replacing multiple racks of existing hard disk drives (HDDs). By delivering the smallest footprint in the industry, NetApp makes it easier for you to consolidate all your workloads, reducing data sprawl.


Simplified Operations 

In most data centers, IT teams spend too much time setting up, configuring, managing, and monitoring storage and other infrastructure and too little time creating and deploying new applications and services.


Consolidating important datasets on all-flash storage streamlines your operations. Simply reducing the number of storage components under active management—including controllers, drives, network connections, and so on—is the first step in getting your data under control.


With NetApp all-flash storage, you go from setup to serving data in just 10 minutes. Our architecture delivers performance without constant tuning, and it eliminates the need for data tiering. Together, these two things can save hours of valuable admin time.


Vital Energi focuses on sustainable energy production and the management, measurement, and reduction of energy consumption. With features that include fast and simple cloning, backup, and restore, NetApp All Flash FAS storage, combined with NetApp AltaVault™ cloud-integrated storage, meets data protection and compliance needs. The combination allows Vital’s operations team to shift its focus from data management to core tasks. And the time needed to run critical reports has dropped from up to 12 hours to just 30 minutes, opening new business opportunities.


NetApp simplifies backup and disaster recovery with integrated data protection, increasing your level of protection and decreasing the risk of data loss. We make it easy to automate backup and other manually intensive data management tasks, saving time and reducing the chance of operator error. And you can monitor and manage your data across multiple locations, including the cloud, by using the NetApp Data Fabric. Data moves easily from all-flash storage to hybrid storage to the cloud with no surprises.


The ROI of Simplification

Given budget limitations, it’s easy to see the initial cost of flash storage as a deal breaker. Smart IT teams, however, look beyond the initial price. With flash, you actually save money while you modernize, allowing you to meet new business needs despite budget pressures. A recent Gartner study found that all-flash storage pays for itself in just 5 to 6 months on average, the result of dramatic improvements in total cost of ownership (TCO).


Figure 1) Cumulative cost of NetApp AFF A300 compared to a traditional competitor for a configuration with 300TB of effective capacity. NetApp advantages include data reduction and extended system life with 6-year flash warranty.


Why Choose NetApp?

NetApp has moved quickly to establish itself as a flash leader. NetApp flash storage helps you transform your infrastructure and improve data center economics by delivering superior density and flexibility, combined with a superior data management experience that streamlines your operations. NetApp is the first all-flash array vendor to ship 15TB SSDs, and only NetApp delivers the high-performance I/O connectivity, high transactional performance, low latency, and enterprise-class data management needed for high-density flash.


The next post in this series will examine the effect that flash performance and availability have on your customers, your IT team, and your business.


Make Your Infrastructure Data Ready

Learn how transforming your data infrastructure with all-flash storage will enable your IT team to support new business needs and modernize your infrastructure. Download our white paper, “Make Your Infrastructure Data Ready with All-Flash Storage.”

Mike McNamara

Mike McNamara is a senior leader of product and solution marketing at NetApp with 25 years of data management and data storage marketing experience. Before joining NetApp over 10 years ago, Mike worked at Adaptec, EMC and HP. Mike was a key team leader driving the launch of the industry’s first cloud-connected AI/ML solution (NetApp), unified scale-out and hybrid cloud storage system and software (NetApp), iSCSI and SAS storage system and software (Adaptec), and Fibre Channel storage system (EMC CLARiiON). In addition to his past role as marketing chairperson for the Fibre Channel Industry Association, he is a member of the Ethernet Technology Summit Conference Advisory Board, a member of the Ethernet Alliance, a regular contributor to industry journals, and a frequent speaker at events. Mike also published a book through FriesenPress titled "Scale-Out Storage - The Next Frontier in Enterprise Data Management", and was listed as a top 50 B2B product marketer to watch by Kapos.

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