During CiscoLive 2017, I followed the session from Schneider Electric on our NetApp booth, and found that Schneider has a solution for Edge Computing with their micro-datacenter. I decided to find more about this interesting solution and sat down with Lee Griffiths.


Chrislee and christian.jpgtian Lorentz (CL): Where does Schneider Electric see the future of Edge Computing?  


Lee Griffiths(LG): The original centralised cloud data centers were designed for applications  that were not really speed sensitive.   Most emails do not need to be delivered instantly and posting pictures and videos to your social network is not time critical.  People can wait to see a picture of what you are having for dinner believe it or not. Applications on the network edge, like IoT, on the other hand creates a vast amount of data. Physics tells us that the speed objects get to their location is affected by the distance travelled So closer is better, Taking processing and data collection closer to the users – in other words “the edge” – is critical to reducing latency. The Edge therefore becomes rather important and needs to be HIGHLY AVALABLE. That’s where the APC Micro Data Center solutions come in.


CL: How is Schneider Electric a complimentary player to NetApp solutions in IoT and Edge Environments?  


LG: We provide the physical Infrastructure with our Family of integrated products including power, cooling, racks and DCIM.  Not to mention our broad range of design tools help simplify the Design and configuration of Edge Infrastructure.


Using a Cisco Certified rack like the APC Netshelter to ship a FlexPod system has additional benefits by significantly reducing the time needed to deploy an edge solution. Our Micro Datacentre rack solutions ship on shock pallets to ensure safe delivery of the system during transit so you can ship a fully integrated FlexPod for plug and play in the field. Prior to this the components would be individually packaged and shipped to be configured on site. With many edge environments lacking in IT staff and time to setup – fully integrated systems are quickly becoming the preference and this is where we can truly add value.


Visit the FlexPod Solution page on Schneider Electric‘s website to learn more.

Christian Lorentz

Christian has held a variety of positions as System Engineer, Consultant, Product Marketing Manager and Product Manager for Digital Equipment, Chipcom, Cisco Systems and Riverbed. Christian joined NetApp in 2015, as Sr Product and Solution Marketing Manager for EMEA , and has over 20 years’ experience in the networking and storage arena.

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