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By Steven Law, Country Manager for NetApp Indonesia


Each year Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is prone to severe flooding, which can often cause extensive damage. Just in 2007, the city suffered one of its worst floods, which resulted in 80 deaths and over 4.3 trillion Rupiah in material losses. Now government officials are looking to new technologies to improve how the city prepares for natural disasters, and they may have discovered a solution through video analytics.


Video analytics, which can also be referred to as Video Content Analysis (VCA), is the computation and analysis of video images used to develop insights and analysis beyond the video footage itself. This can allow for organizations to uncover hidden insights in otherwise routine video footage.


In the case of Jakarta, officials are hoping to use video analytics to discover insights in flood detection. To do this, cameras have been installed to detect changes in water levels in all thirteen rivers that flow to Jakarta and its surrounding areas. From there, video analytics can be deployed to provide warnings whenever water levels reach a critical point.


Surprisingly enough, implementing a video analytics solution isn’t the most difficult solution. You may think you would need expensive high-resolution cameras, but simple video cameras with decent resolution are perfect for the job.


Additionally you will want to invest in your IT and network infrastructure to ensure your team is able to process the massive amount of video data continuously in real-time. Keeping these infrastructures well maintained is also critical and with that, cities will be able to develop timely analysis to make better decisions in real-time.


Indonesia’s National Board for Disaster Management (BNPB) estimates that the current rainy season will reach its peak in Jakarta during the third week of January 2015. Through the use of this technology, officials will be able to combine video analytics and data storage infrastructures to better anticipate floods and hopefully save lives. We are already living in a hyper-connected world of data and information, and it’s about time cities capitalize on this as well.


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