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By Laurence Cruz, NetApp


Three years. That’s all it takes for any business to be disrupted in the digital economy. Uber and Airbnb have become the poster children for this somewhat alarming truth. The call to transform IT is deafening, but how do you do it?


Moving to the cloud is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. There are public clouds, private clouds, managed service provider clouds, hybrid clouds. And just because it makes sense to put data in one cloud today doesn’t mean you should keep it there tomorrow. It’s no wonder cloud can be confusing.


NetApp’s Phil Brotherton, vice president of the Data Fabric Group, and his team have been helping customers understand how to navigate the cloud on their terms, at their pace. According to Brotherton, this means developing a hybrid cloud strategy.


“A true hybrid cloud is one that customers can build on their own terms,” Brotherton says. “It’s the result of integrating a unique combination of resources that span multiple technologies and providers that are best for the business.”


Brotherton strips the hybrid cloud of the monolithic quality often assigned to it, saying there is no such thing as the hybrid cloud-there’s just your hybrid cloud. And it’s up to you how you build it and fit it to your business, not the other way around. Going further, Brotherton explains how embracing both private and public cloud services can transform your IT.


“Your datacenter is no longer an island, it is now connected via bridges and tunnels and trains to many other islands, which is both liberating and frightening,” he says.


Perhaps it’s time, to quote a popular self-help page-turner, to feel the fear and do it anyway. It’s your call.


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