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With daylight saving time ending last week, we wanted to take a look at how industries are looking to data to save the most precious of commodities-time.


Every day, billions of people spend their time at jobs. Every day, billions of electronic devices devote milliseconds, hours, even days processing or transferring data. This time doesn’t just cost money, it costs natural resources and, sometimes, even lives. To minimize the impact of time on valuable resources, humanity has always turned to technological solutions. From humble technologies such as the wheel, lever or pulley, civilization has gradually hacked away at time, reducing the time to complete projects dramatically.


Today businesses are using technology in countless ways to save time and money. For example, the DuPage Medical Group, a network for 3,300 healthcare professionals across 60 locations, uses NetApp® clustered Data ONTAP® software to help save lives and revolutionize patient experience. The software reduces interruptions in service and cuts log-in time from 60 seconds to 20 seconds-a savings of over a year of hundreds of hours. And that’s just for one person.


We’ve researched and collected a number of interesting data points on how businesses are saving time and money using NetApp technology. See infographic below to learn more.


NetApp Staff