The SolidFire VMware vCenter Plug-in 2.7 is now available! Click here for more information.

It’s six months into our acquisition by NetApp, and it’s still business-as-usual at SolidFire. While our corporate environs have changed — SolidFire rounds out NetApp’s industry-leading all-flash portfolio — the premise under which we were founded hasn’t. Our goal is to provide enterprises and service providers with the most complete range of enterprise storage features for their next-generation data centers. Part of helping customers achieve their next-gen goals is a continued commitment to development and new integrations, ensuring SolidFire meets not only the needs of today — but also of tomorrow.

Today we’re announcing our latest vCenter plug-in, VCP 2.7, with increased manageability and usability. The new plug-in is among good company, just one in a line of new integrations we’ve been rolling out since we joined NetApp (more on those later in this blog).

When you look at the enabling technologies that drive storage, VMware is often leading that list. The SolidFire vCenter plug-in was created to make managing SolidFire within a VMware environment simple and intuitive. Over its lifetime, the vCenter plug-in has included new features: just this past January we announced Fibre Channel support. Today we are adding four new features to 2.7, all designed to further simplify our manageability:

  1. Improved ease of installation: 2.7 is now installable as a single component, requiring only a single package in vCenter
  2. Simplified configuration: Many vCenter plug-ins can utilize one QoSSIOC server and a customizable QoSSIOC service user/password
  3. Added capabilities: Provision VLANs through the 2.7 plug-in
  4. Improved automated provisioning: Share datastores across different ESX clusters

But 2.7 is just one example of the integration work that’s been in the works. From a suite of software development kits to updated PowerShell tools and the NetApp Docker Volume plug-in, we’ve taken steps to ensure that no matter how you’re using SolidFire, we’ve got an integration for that.

The vCenter plug-in is available today, at no cost, on SolidFire’s support FTP site. And for all of our open-source integrations, visit The Pub, NetApp’s hub for publishing developer centric content, including code, blogs, videos, and more.




Kelly Boeckman