SolidFire Sock 3.0 (pictured left) is here! Learn all about this product release in the SolidFire Sock 3.0 Technical Overview and History of the Sock infographic. Get your redundant pair next week at Cisco Live Berlin or at another one of SolidFire’s upcoming events!

SolidFire is interested in keeping customers running their apps and on their feet. The latest sock design comes after socks 1.0 and 2.0, which have been known to inspire emotions such as glee, excitement — and sometimes tears of joy — since 2014. Sock 3.0 is a new and improved version of its predecessors. The latest design from SolidFire features company mascot, Elio, dawning a new body color of blue, in recognition of the game-changing NetApp/SolidFire acquisition.

“SolidFire’s cutting-edge socks combined with NetApp’s tremendous market presence and distribution capabilities: What’s not to love? Our mission to ‘Advance the Way the World Covers Its Feet’ continues unabated.” — Dave Wright, SolidFire founder 


This release will forever impact future designs of SolidFire socks. Ahead of this announcement, trade show attendees have been anticipating the new design to add to their already diverse collection of red socks.

“The new SolidFire socks will clearly help NetApp establish a toe-hold with new customers.” — Justin Warren, technologist, writer, sock-wearer

In addition to providing more outfit coordination choices with more colors, Sock 3.0 features a slightly shorter length than 2.0 (but are significantly taller than 1.0). This allows the socks to be more scalable and flexible, features that are universally important to sock consumers. Jessica Haze, Chief Sock Officer for SolidFire and Sock Product Release Manager, said the length is “great for winter time because they cover lazy-day stubble but are not so high that you can’t wear your skinniest of skinny jeans.”

“They are warm and comfortable, with a nice balance of snug ankles and roomy toes. I give them two big toes up.” — Stephen Foskett, Tech Field Day founder

As with previous SolidFire socks, the quality that is expected of these free and highly coveted socks remains unchanged. They feature technology that will ensure the wearer’s feet do not smell, provided that they are washed after each single use. The yarn is the softest, allowing feet to breathe, relax, and feel loved every step of the way. These socks will stay firmly on each person’s foot without stretching out, provided that the proper size is worn.

“Their softness, coupled with the automated robots, has already lead to a 400% increase in productivity.” — Thomas Bryant, technologist

Sock 3.0 will be available immediately in limited release, with many pairs being distributed at Cisco Live Berlin, February 15-17. Beyond CLEUR, look for them at our upcoming events such as World Hosting Days, Cloud Expo Europe, and OpenStack Summit Austin.


Kelsi Cooke