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In today’s world even a small amount of data loss or an outage can result in millions of dollars in lost revenue and potentially mark the beginning of the end for a business. In fact, according to the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington, 93 percent of companies that lost their data for 10 days or more filed for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster, and 50 percent filed for bankruptcy immediately.


No wonder data protection has become such a hot topic. Traditional approaches are often too slow, too expensive, too risky or too complex. Yet many who want to transform their data backup and disaster recovery strategy are not sure where to begin.


With Data Fabric as the backdrop for NetApp’s vision of data protection, you can augment your existing architecture to help keep your critical information protected. NetApp Data Protection Solutions can help you find the right balance of cost versus time based on data criticality, and the NetApp Data Protection Assessment Tool is a great place to start. Based on the four quadrant Data Protection model introduced by Rachel Dines, senior product marketing manager for NetApp AltaVault, the tool is designed to help you discover the NetApp Data Protection Solutions that best meet your needs.


The assessment tool provides two paths, one for a Technical IT user and one for a Strategic IT user. The technical user is taken through a series of questions about backup and archive and disaster recovery. A strategic user, on the other hand, is presented with a series of sliders allowing the user to specify sensitivity to cost, recovery time and data loss. The end result for both paths is a customized report detailing the quadrants and solutions that best meet your needs.


Take the data protection assessment and determine your new data protection strategy today.


Marie Burke