At NetApp Insight 2015, Joe CaraDonna gave a glimpse of what customers could expect in the future as part of the NetApp Data Fabric vision. One use case was a snazzy demonstration of how ONTAP storage customers could back up data to the cloud directly via AltaVault and some management GUI coolness.


Fast forward about 11 months, and Joe CaraDonna was again on stage to show a teaser of the solution we will be releasing in the coming months. We call this solution, Data Fabric Solution for Cloud Backup, and it includes SnapMirror integration with AltaVault, as well as some nice management functionality with SnapCenter.


The Data Fabric vision demonstrates that end points, or storage repositories, can be connected to provide efficient data transport, enabling you to access your data where and when you need it most. This fabric of endpoints and connections creates the foundation for deploying applications and services to address your most pressing use cases. The use case for this solution is backup and recovery to and from the cloud, specifically for NAS File Services.


Let’s take a closer look at what we will be delivering to market later in our fiscal Q3, which ends in January. The solution is supported with two topologies and the components include the following:

  1. FAS or AFF running ONTAP 9.1 RC2 or later with a SnapMirror license
  2. AltaVault 4.3
  3. SnapCenter 2.0 with the new Advanced license




  1. ONTAP 9.1 and SnapMirror

At the heart of this solution is NetApp SnapMirror which leverages our Snapshot® technology to create fast, space-efficient virtual copies and recovery points of local data on any storage system powered by ONTAP, with support for hundreds of Snapshot copies per volume. Integrating SnapMirror with AltaVault allows us to deliver high speed data replication with “block-level incremental forever” data backup between storage systems and the cloud.


  1. AltaVault cloud-integrated storage

NetApp AltaVault offers cost-effective, efficient, and secure backup to almost any cloud, public or private, giving you a powerful alternative to traditional tape-based backup processes. The newly added integration with SnapMirror backup expands the reach of the Data Fabric by adding Snapshot-based replication between an ONTAP device and AltaVault, to support up to 3,654 snapshots per volume (the equivalent of 10 years of daily backups).


  1. SnapCenter simplified management

SnapCenter 2.0 adds data protection for NAS File Services, which includes significant enhancements for policy-based management with the ability to create tiered backups with primary Snapshot copies, SnapMirror backups with AltaVault. A new state of the art file catalog is available for fast and easy search and retrieval of files from on-premises or cloud storage. A way cool drag and drop GUI supports configuring replication and retention policies.


Start planning today

The Data Fabric is real. And NetApp is working hard to deliver innovative products and solutions to address your most pressing use cases and new requirements you may not have identified. Explore the many solutions and benefits of the Data Fabric, today.


Jason Blosil