Today SolidFire announced another in its series of pre-validated reference architectures. The new AI for Virtual Infrastructure drastically simplifies deployment of dynamic IT environments with technologies from Dell and VMware. Get yours now.

Agility is key

Converged Infrastructure solutions have become a go-to means to deliver turnkey solutions for the data centers of yesterday, but when it comes to the Next Generation Data Center, their lack of agility can be a sticking point for adoption.

At SolidFire, we strive to move beyond the standard Reference Architecture approach by providing a validated design with technical proof points that utilize real-world workloads to validate the value of the architecture. Utilizing best-of-breed components from Dell and VMware, the SolidFire Agile Infrastructure (AI) for Virtualized Environments design enables your IT organization to consolidate, automate, and scale virtualized business-critical environments. 

SolidFire AI for Virtual Infrastructure is a pre-validated reference architecture that consolidates your IT infrastructure with SolidFire SF2405 block storage nodes, R630 compute, and Force10 networking from Dell and VMware vSphere.

Additional value can be leveraged from the unique aspects of the SolidFire scale-out storage platform that other all-flash storage solutions do not offer today. Chief among them:

  • Reduce complexity through simplified management, Quality of Service (QoS), and flexible control while providing guaranteed performance to any and all workloads.

  • Deliver higher levels of application availability through application consolidation on a single system.

  • Scale capacity and performance seamlessly on demand with no disruption and no downtime.


SolidFire AI in action


To demonstrate the mixed workload capabilities of architecture through the validation process, here’s a sampling of operations that can run concurrently on the AI design:

  • Boot storm of 500 VMware Horizon View 6 desktops

  • Two hosted Oracle OLTP database workloads running approximately 230,000 TPM

  • MongoDB job running 70 concurrent threads

  • Inline data reduction, including deduplication, compression, and thin provisioning, driving 13.45x efficiency rates across three workloads


Bringing it all together

SolidFire’s AI for Virtual Infrastructure simplifies the deployment of a dynamic IT environment with the performance control, automation, and scalability to efficiently consolidate mixed workloads. By incorporating industry-leading technology from VMware and Dell into a pre-validated reference design, SolidFire AI for Virtual Environments enables accelerated deployment of a dynamic IT infrastructure and in turn allows for unprecedented consolidation of mixed application workloads onto a single platform without sacrificing performance, flexibility, or agility.

SolidFire will be a Gold Sponsor at the coming Dell World 2015 in Austin Texas, October 20th through the 22nd. Please stop by our booth to learn more about how SolidFire, Dell, and VMware are building the next generation data center.


Gabriel Chapman