Friends, Romans, storage fans, lend me your ears. No, really.


Welcome to the all-new Elements of SolidFire: The SolidFire Community Podcast.


Elements of SolidFire podcast logo

What it is: A biweekly conversation/roundtable/party about all things storage, host to some of the industry’s leading experts and opinion-holders.


What we need: You. This is an opportunity to share your storage knowledge with fellow technologists, ask questions of the expert hosts, or listen in live or after the fact.


We are dispatching a group of SolidFire experts to ask questions at upcoming events — audio roving reporters, if you will — to interview leading figures in the industry and get the hallway track conversations that are so valuable to staying current and engaged.



Here’s how you can join in:
1. Listen live at TalkShoe.
2. Subscribe to Elements of SolidFire on iTunes.
3. Join us as a guest either in person or virtually. Ping me on Twitter to become audio-famous: @CommsNinja (Not on Twitter? Well, that’s a conversation for another day …)


Got ideas for a show topic or guests you’d like to see? Nominate someone in the comments section below!



p.s. It’s not too late to get in as an Elements podcast ground floor listener! Our first three episodes are ready for you. Have a listen and give us your feedback.

Amy Lewis