I am happy to announce that we have published an update for MAT4Shift, version 1.7.  This work came directly from customer and community feedback, so thank you to everyone who is testing and using MAT4Shift, and sending information about their experiences.  MAT4Shift is the first NetApp hosted version of the tool and will be community supported via the NetApp Community.  Just tag posts in the NetApp Community with “MAT4Shift”.


The focus on this version was to enhance the tool while making configuration simpler.


What’s new in MAT4Shift 1.7?


UPDATED: Installation and Usage guide.


NEW: VMware Tools version detection logic.  By default MAT4Shift will attempt to detect the VMware Tools GUID and verify that it is stored in the Database.  If the GUID is detected, the VM migration will continue without MAT4Shift aborting the migration.  This GUID is used to uninstall the VMware Tools.  In previous versions, if the GUID was not in the database, the migration would abort and the user would have to manually navigate the Registry on the VM Guest to determine the GUID.


NEW: Configuration of the MAT4Shift database settings.  At first run, MAT4Shift 1.7 will detect that the database information (server and database names) need to be configured and will prompt for the appropriate information.  Once that information is entered, the Variable.XML file will be automatically updated.


NEW: Configuration settings moved to the MAT4Shift database. Most of the variables used for MAT4Shift (from both the Variable.XML file and embedded within the MAT4Shift scripts) have been moved to the database (to a new Variables table).  This allows for easier configuration of MAT4Shift and eliminates corruption of the Variable.XML file has could occur in previous versions.


NEW: Added a configuration wizard for configuring MAT4Shift variables.  Since the configuration is now in the database, MAT4Shift has a configuration Wizard that will walk the user through the configuration of the tool.  Each variable now has a description of what it is used for with some examples, simplifying the MAT4Shift configuration.


NEW: Encrypted passwords.  Since the configuration is now stored in the Database and a Wizard is used to set the variables, all passwords are now encrypted in the database.


NEW: MAT4Shift 1.7 download available on NetApp NSS Tool Chest.


For Questions or support, use the NetApp Community Just tag posts in the NetApp Community with “MAT4Shift”.


To read more about NetApp Shift technology, check out ESG’s Lab Spotlight here or watch the entertaining video from Microsoft below.