By Jason Danielson, Media & Entertainment Industry, Product and Solutions Marketing, NetApp


NetApp hybrid cloud solutions have freed Internet media sites and television service providers to quickly access and provide content, regardless of location.  In addition, they have benefitted from the ability to easily scale to accommodate workloads and consolidate as needed – ultimately working faster and smarter than ever before.


Studios and broadcasters, however, have been slow to adopt cloud solutions. This industry-wide lag is understandable as video production bitrates and the immediacy of getting television on the air continues to shape and drive infrastructure decisions.  Studios and broadcasters also continue to remain focused on solving on-premises bandwidth and capacity consolidation issues.


But this lag is finite.  Studios and broadcasters are exploring cloud solutions now and these companies will continue to push the envelope by designing and building-out private or hybrid cloud to suit their unique workflow needs.


With this latest hybrid cloud announcement, NetApp continues to make content easier to access, from anywhere.  IT managers will now enjoy breakthroughs in both syncing and backing up to the cloud. For media engineering folks, this announcement brings innovations to hybrid and public cloud models for both active archives and media workflows.


Media cloud service providers like ASE are now building active archive and workflow service offerings on NetApp StorageGRID (see ASE and its Partners Offer Media-Specific Cloud Workflows) and customers are enjoying their first taste of StorageGRID Webscale 10.3 beta.  In fact, one of our studio customers recently said they were “blown away” with the simplicity of design and ease of use of the object storage software!


In addition, NetApp is now seeing studios and television service providers deploying SolidFire storage systems to build their private clouds. They like its modular scalability and guaranteed quality of service capabilities in large application-count clouds.


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Jason Danielson