The world is changing, fast.  Datacenter rack space is at an all-time premium and data security is top of mind for everyone.  To meet the growing demand for ultra-dense secure storage arrays the recently released E-Series E2860 maximizes space, performance and security supporting 60 drives (all SSD or mix SSD and HDD) with support for FIPS encryption in a 4U footprint.  The E2860 is the ideal SAN storage array to help IT teams consolidate space, provide data security, and meet SLAs.


In a class by itself, the NetApp E2860 ultra-density chassis is the all-flash array price leader delivering twice the throughput and twice the capacity per rack unit compared to alternative products.  This makes it an excellent choice for IT customers like Knorr-Bremse Group based in Munich who require extremely reliable and high-performing all-flash storage.  Designed to take advantage of powerful on-board multiple processors, the E2860 provides accelerated, predictable performance for randomized or sequential workloads, making it an ideal solution for data analytic applications, media streaming, video surveillance and disk based backup.


The E2860 offers an excellent user experience with an on-box, web-browser-based interface that is modern, simple, and clean. The intuitive interface of the E2800 simplifies configuration and maintenance while providing enterprise-level storage capabilities to deliver consistent performance, data integrity, and security.


An industry unique feature of the E2860, Dynamic Disk Pools (DDP), simplifies the management of traditional RAID groups by distributing data parity information and spare capacity across a pool of drives. DDP enhances data protection by using every drive in the pool to rebuild a failed drive, enabling exceptional performance under failure reducing the exposure window for data loss from days to minutes.


Another key feature of the E2860 is its shelve design that maximizes air flow over the drives, increasing cooling, improving drive reliability and decreasing drive failures.  Drives are accessible via front-facing drawers, which can be pulled out to service/replace drives, while the system is in operation.  NetApp is committed to delivering the highest possible reliability and availability across our entire product line. We also take great pride in the fact that this commitment to design quality and reliability has enabled us to deliver five-9’s of availability in products such as the E2860 with “enterprise-grade” price/performance.


The E2800 also was recently included in a NetApp Verified Architecture (NVA) publication of a new FlexPod solution, “FlexPod Express with VMware vSphere 6.0U2, NetApp E-Series storage system, and Cisco UCS Mini”.


This NVA introduces the NetApp E2800 All-Flash and Hybrid storage system to the FlexPod Express portfolio.  FlexPod Express with Cisco UCS Mini and NetApp E2800 provides a compelling, cost-effective converged infrastructure solution to address compute, network and storage requirements for ROBO and small and midsized businesses.  Starting at a lower price point with a lower overall TCO, E-Series also offers high RAS, high density, and ultra-high throughput and IOPS performance with very low latencies.


More information on FlexPod Express with VMware vSphere 6.0U2, NetApp E-Series, and Cisco UCS Mini can be found here:


The E2860 is available now.  To learn more about how your organization can benefit from high-availability SAN solutions from NetApp, visit us on the Web at

Robert Cox

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