Look anywhere across the IT landscape these days, and you’ll see the disruptive influence containers are having. Containerization is changing how applications are written, shared, and deployed, helping usher in a new generation of software development and deployment methodologies.


This is why NetApp is pleased to announce our participation in Mesosphere’s open Datacenter Operating System (DC/OS) program, launching today.


NetApp and Mesosphere working together

Through this program, NetApp is pursuing integration opportunities with DC/OS ecosystem partners, leveraging our open-source development efforts in the Docker ecosystem, such as the NetApp Docker Volume Plug-In (nDVP), to natively integrate Docker containers with a portfolio of NetApp storage platforms. The nDVP supports Docker-driven provisioning and management of data volumes, which bind to containers and persist beyond the lifetime of a single container or host. The nDVP supports volume management for individual Docker server deployments but also distributed orchestrators such as Mesosphere’s DC/OS running Marathon.


Open-sourced with Apache Mesos

Mesosphere’s DC/OS is built upon Apache Mesos, an open-source cluster manager designed to aggregate data center and cloud resources as a single virtual entity which can be quickly provisioned and utilized by applications. DC/OS enables maximum resource utilization by scheduling many concurrent applications on top of Mesos clusters, ranging from any containerized application to Hadoop MapReduce to even Cassandra nodes, all natively. The goal of DC/OS is to bring hyperscale computing to mainstream enterprises, with a new form factor for developing and running applications.


NetApp believes containers are the future of multi-cloud workloads. We are a founding member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and support the mission of groups like open DC/OS to implement this new computing paradigm for everyone. Containers abstract the application from the underlying system, enabling portability and flexibility in software development. In order to deliver the NetApp Data Fabric vision to the container ecosystem, introducing the concept of persistent storage across various container technologies is essential. The open DC/OS program is a further step along this path.


For more information about containers at NetApp, visit netapp.github.io.

Kelly Boeckman

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