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The NetApp team is excited to be here in Chicago at the first day of Ignite, Microsoft’s new unified enterprise technology conference. The name was inspired by what happens when smart people gather. Sparks fly. We Ignite. With ideas, innovation, and possibilities. As a platinum sponsor, NetApp is delighted to be attending this inaugural event.  See details of our Ignite presence here.


NetApp and Microsoft have a long history of letting our teams ignite. Together our people brainstorm, conceptualize, and ponder. We solve problems. We think beyond today, beyond our own limitations. We create with customers. Together, some of our best new products and solutions are born.


New Boundaries in Banking

At ING Direct Australia, NetApp, Microsoft, Cisco, and Dimension Data collaborated to move the entire bank onto the FlexPod® platform with a Microsoft Private Cloud. Enterprising, innovative, and beyond where other banks were daring to go, the project has received rave reviews and is deemed wildly successful by the people who count the most: other customers.


Recently named “CIO of the Year” for his bold thinking in making the cloud decision, ING Direct Australia’s Simon Andrews had this to say: “We’re the first bank in Australia to adopt fully cloud computing, and the benefits have been very substantial. We haven’t partially taken some services and put some of them in the cloud. We’ve put the entire bank in the cloud.” ING Direct bet on us and we delivered: the right data, the right time, the right cloud.



Cloud Fuels Global Expansion in Retail and Manufacturing

We are igniting change in other vertical markets too. European manufacturer and retailer Jack Wolfskin relied on NetApp with Microsoft Private Cloud innovation to spearhead and support the company’s expansion into global markets. “We are on the cutting edge of technology and leading with both products and processes,” says Severin Canisius, senior IT manager, Jack Wolfskin. “The flexibility of our infrastructure gives us a definite advantage in the market.” It’s another successful customer story and another case of right data, right time, right cloud.



NetApp with Microsoft-a Complete Cloud Story

Over the next few days, we will hear and share more as we meet with customers at the conference. There are new technologies, new innovations, and new ideas that have the power to transform your business today. NetApp’s voice will be loud and clear, alongside our alliance partner Microsoft, with solutions to accelerate, protect, and transform your business.


Hypervisor Migration

Today, we are introducing NetApp® OnCommand® Shift, a new virtual machine (VM) conversion product that dissolves VM migration barriers and enables multihypervisor environments by dramatically reducing the time, cost, and complexity of migrating data between hypervisors. Read Barry Shilmover’s blog about how OnCommand Shift converts any-size VMs bidirectionally between VMware ESXi and Hyper-V in minutes.


NetApp for Azure Public Cloud

NetApp with MSFT Azure Site Recovery (ASR) SAN replication uses NetApp SnapMirror® software to provide the ability to fail over workloads from on-premises private clouds to secondary private clouds or to NetApp Private Storage (NPS) connected to Azure. This achieves a well-orchestrated disaster recovery for Hyper-V environments. Working with Microsoft and the Storage Networking Industry Association’s SMI-S protocol, you can now provide a robust, secure DR option without investing in an entire secondary DR data center. Learn more about the details of this solution from Chris Lionetti’s blog as well as from Microsoft’s Azure team blog.


You also have SteelStore, our cloud-integrated data backup and archival appliance that can compress, encrypt, and shift data to and from Azure at phenomenal speeds. This solves common challenges created by terabytes of unstructured data. Australian home builder, Metricon, reduced backup work by 80% with SteelStore backup to Azure.


Best-in-Class SQL Performance and High Availability

Our partnership with Cisco and Microsoft continues to break new ground. FlexPod Datacenter with Microsoft Private Cloud has become a game-changer for organizations looking for flexibility, reliability, security, and speed in a converged infrastructure architecture. Our recent load and performance tests with SQL Server put us at 250% faster page response times, 208% faster transaction response times, and three times the performance expected.


Additionally, organizations looking for virtualized Microsoft SQL Server infrastructure supporting OLTP applications with high availability can leverage our newly published Cisco Validated Design to accelerate SQL Server deployment with FlexPod.


Business-Ready Data

NetApp does many things because they’re based on one thing we do amazingly well-work with data. We can store it, manage it, archive it, find it, secure it, encrypt it, compress it, copy it, and ensure it is always on and always available. It is a skill that we perfected over a 20-year history and it has made us the provider of the world’s #1 branded storage operating system (source: IDC). For Microsoft customers, this means a competitive edge in a world in which data doubles annually.


Join Us

The next few days will be an adventure-a time to explore, share ideas, and think big. Join us at NetApp booth #606 and let’s talk. Learn more about what NetApp is doing at Ignite. Together we can chart a course that promises the right data, the right time, the right cloud-for you. With NetApp, the future is now.


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Maria Olson

Maria Olson is Vice President, Global & Strategic Alliances for NetApp, and has responsibility for worldwide go-to-market with Alliance partners. Maria and her team have oversight for teaming with the company’s portfolio of Alliance partners and internal teams to bring to market a variety of storage and data management solutions. Her responsibilities include creation of business strategies and plans, strategic alignment within the partner ecosystem and global execution that increases revenue.

Prior to NetApp, Maria was at SAP as Sr. Director of Global Business Development and was instrumental in on-boarding PwC to become a SAP Global Service Partner, and recruited over 50 PwC countries while increasing revenue and doubling pipeline. Maria has also held senior management positions at BEA Systems (acquired by Oracle), Acta Technology (acquired by Business Objects/SAP) and Hewlett Packard. She has extensive experience in business development, alliance management, product management, procurement, and supply chain operations across a variety of lines of business – from printers, interactive TV, cable modems, telecommunications — to storage products, enterprise software and solutions.

Maria earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of San Diego, and an Executive MBA from Pepperdine University.