As the manager of the Fueled by SolidFire Program, I spend my time working with service providers and their customers. Even after two years and hundreds of meetings, I still love to hear a good customer success story! In the case of Elastx and Bandtrace, the story is not only interesting, but it’s pretty cool, too.


Elastx is a long-time SolidFire customer/partner, as well as a vocal advocate for our technology. It was over a customer discussion that Henrik, the Elastx Business Development Manager, told me about a standout company called Bandtrace.


Bandtrace, a startup based in Stockholm, Sweden, has a really unique solution that is similar to IMDb — except for music. Intrigued, I learned more about how Elastx had helped Bandtrace meet all of its technology requirements, and that SolidFire was a key piece at the heart of Bandtrace’s storage architecture.


Bandtrace had three key requirements for a potential hosting partner:

  1. The ability to easily and dynamically scale-up and down
  2. SSD-based performance
  3. The ability to traverse nodes very quickly because of graph database technologies

Sure, Bandtrace benchmarked other SSD-based hosting offerings. But nothing beat the performance and flexibility of Elastx’s hosting platform for Bandtrace’s neo4j graph databases’ performance hosting needs. You’ll see in the video the passion and excitement Tommy Wassgren, Bandtrace’s CEO and co-founder, has for his cool music application. And because he was able to easily take the performance complexity out his infrastructure and focus on his business, he was able to take his application to market rapidly and with confidence.


Please take a moment to watch the video and read the case study to learn more about both Elastx and Bandtrace. I also recommend checking out to see their music platform in action.


Stuart Oliver

Stuart is currently the Global Consulting Director at NetApp in the Next Generation Data center group, where he is responsible for articulating NetApp’s value proposition to hosting service and cloud providers globally. Stuart’s primary role involves interfacing with key hosting service providers and acting as a strategic market advisor and working with them to provide market guidance on the productization, the pricing and the strategic positioning of their next generations storage services.