Engage, the technology division of nonprofit Inland Northwest Health Services (INHS), realized its tape-based backup services were taking significant time and cost to create, manage, transport, and store.  In order to continue provide its customers with the most cost-effective data protection possible, Engage began looking for a more efficient solution.


Teaming with NetApp, Engage created a secure backup solution with seamless integration to the cloud. Not only did the pilot offer a fast, simple, and cost-effective backup in Engage’s MEDITECH environment, it laid the groundwork for a new off-site back-up-to-cloud service for hospitals and clinics facing similar backup-to-tape challenges.



“With NetApp, we can help our customers direct more time and money into patient care-and that is what our business is all about,” said Sean Harnett, an assistant director of Network Services at INHS/Engage.


Today, NetApp® AltaVault cloud-integrated storage supports cloud-enabled backup and recovery services that are easy to integrate, simple to manage, and highly secure. AltaVault also helps Engage offer those services for a fraction of what traditional PBBAs or tape-based backups cost. As a result, hospitals and clinics can save from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on their size. Paired with even new data center deployments (such as a cutting-edge NetApp FAS8000 series storage system running the NetApp clustered Data ONTAP® operating system within Engage’s hosting environment), Engage makes it easier than ever for a growing roster of customers to confidently begin their journey to the cloud.


NetApp Staff