By Brendan Wolfe, Senior Marketing Manager, OpenStack & Containers, & Kelly Boeckman, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, SolidFire

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NetApp has been making a lot of noise lately when it comes to container technology. We recently announced the NetApp Docker Volume Plugin (nDVP), which brings enterprise-grade persistent storage to the Docker ecosystem through NetApp’s storage portfolio.


This is why NetApp is pleased to announce that we are now a Docker Ecosystem Technology Partner.


NetApp and Docker: Expanding the Container Persistent Storage Model
Through this program, NetApp is pursuing integration opportunities with Docker ecosystem partners to improve the platform for workloads that benefit from persistent storage, such as databases, CI/CD workflows, big data, and more. The nDVP will use Docker-driven provisioning and management of data volumes while natively supporting many popular container management tools, including Docker Swarm and Docker Datacenter.

Docker is Now Enabled Throughout NetApp’s Flash Portfolio
NetApp’s Docker Volume Plug-in fully supports NetApp’s entire flash portfolio, including:


  • ONTAP for ubiquitous data management
  • SolidFire for predictable performance at massive scale
  • E-Series for application acceleration


With our full catalog of industry-leading storage options extended by the Docker ecosystem, customers can use Docker containers to provision and manage persistent storage on demand. This makes their data highly available from multiple hosts, using NAS or SAN.


NetApp believes containers are the future of multi-cloud workloads. Containers abstract the application from the underlying system, enabling portability and flexibility in software development. In order to deliver the NetApp Data Fabric vision to the container ecosystem, introducing the concept of persistent storage across various container technologies will be essential. By formally partnering with Docker, the industry leader in container technology, NetApp brings enterprises that much closer to fully embracing a cloud-native future.


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