In the third and final blog in our series celebrating the women in technology, I met with Loo Yee Lim, Country Manager for NetApp Singapore.


Loo Yee’s career has always been in tech and she is a recognized veteran in the Singapore data storage sector. She began her career in infrastructure support and technical solutions, and also tried her hand in sales and sales management as a new career challenge.


In her current role as Country Manager Singapore, she leads NetApp towards increasing its market shre and revenue, and drives the company’s internal transformation.


Loo Yee shares more about what drives her and her outlook on Singapore’s female STEM workforce.


What is your personal motto?


I am a strong believer in constant learning in order to stay relevant, especially in the tech industry where advances are made every day. It is also important to maintain a humble and inquisitive attitude, as there is something that we can learn from everyone in the company, no matter their background or their job title.


What are thoughts on gender equality in Singapore’s tech industry?


I believe Singapore’s technology industry has a high level of maturity in accepting and respecting females in leadership positions. Being a woman in this industry is a privilege which I relish, and I aim to instill a culture of diversity with my team, and encourage our female workforce to strive for a larger footprint across the business and wider industry.


Who are the role models you look up to in life?


I have been extremely fortunate to have had many role models in every stage of my life, be it at school, at home or at work. The advice I received was instrumental in my decision to take up a job in infrastructure support after I graduated, as opposed to application development, and I have not looked back since.


At my previous job managing sales, both my manager and managing director were my role models, and freely shared their guidance in a job scope that can only be learnt through experience, hard work, multiple failures and strong support.


If you could go back in time, what is a piece of advice you would tell your 15-year-old self?


My 15-year-old self would have already been actively considering her career path! Now that we are in a digitally-driven world where there are many opportunities compared to my good old days, I would tell her to pursue a path that she would really enjoy and excel at. Only then would she truly have the passion, desire and perseverance to succeed.


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To find out more about how NetApp celebrates women’s contributions in the company and the wider industry of women, follow @NetApp_WIT on Twitter.

Charles Manuel

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