As a company, we’re doubling down on our efforts in the next-generation data center and all that it entails.


Our next-generation customers and partners are typically cloud and hosting providers. These service providers must constantly innovate and evolve to stay ahead in their markets. They have to stay on top of new technology trends and shifts in the consumption of technology, and they need to position themselves and their products to capitalize on those trends to win in the evolving market.


With our next-generation data center technology portfolio, NetApp is uniquely positioned to address these shifts. We provide technology advantages, from NetApp® SolidFire® for primary workloads to StorageGRID® Webscale for large-scale object stores. But that’s only half of the picture. Service providers need to be able to monetize these assets.


Our Fueled by NetApp Service Provider Program is unique in the industry. The program offers clear go-to-market consultancy to help productize, monetize, and create customized margin-rich value-added products for service providers.


As enterprise technology shifts to a consumption and hybrid cloud model, the service provider industry remains the only true growth market for technology companies to work in. By adding value, NetApp enhances the service provider’s experience, from end-user service through the sales, marketing, and engineering departments.


Working with service providers is fundamentally different from working with enterprise consumers. Through Fueled by NetApp, we offer a complete toolkit for service providers to use as much or as little as they like. Our field teams have access to ready-built services, useful to deliver quick, simple, and margin-rich services. Our field technical teams understand and can clearly articulate and demonstrate the (sometimes mystifying) link between technology and monetization. Our world-leading Fueled by NetApp consultancy services offer help in designing, building, and bringing to market services that are both unique and profitable.


In short, NetApp’s business for service providers is built by people who have been there, gotten the t-shirt, and wear it proudly.


Why NetApp for Service Providers?

NetApp offers a clear technology and business advantage, and has made significant investments in the Fueled by NetApp Service Provider Program.


Beyond that, the program is about helping you build your business. It’s not about a false promise of millions of dollars of leads in the first month. It is about NetApp’s commitment to building a joint pipeline, through joint investments in lead-generation activities and sales events. We don’t dictate a single way of doing things, and we haven’t retrofitted a VAR program to “sort of” fit the service provider market. We’ve built an industry-leading program and initiative specifically for the market it’s intended for. This is about YOU.


To learn more about the Fueled by NetApp Service Provider Program, and how it can help you take advantage of new opportunities to grow your services and revenue, go to

Jimmy Day

Jimmy leads NetApp’s worldwide service provider go-to-market programs, where he works with cloud and hosting providers and partners to better monetize and make relevant their storage and data management propositions. Jimmy is a firm believer that there is no single right direction, way of getting a job done, or looking at a problem.

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