I joined NetApp four months ago because I believe that we are uniquely positioned to help customers adapt to a data-centric world. Enterprises today need to unlock the power of data to transform business processes and create remarkable customer experiences. Although I have only been here a short time, I have observed a tremendous focus on customers and a desire to help them drive innovation and leverage new technologies like cloud and SaaS solutions.  By putting customers first and providing solutions to simplify cloud and new application adoption , we are positioning customers to take advantage of data and find new ways to accelerate their business with data.


Mercy Health System (MTS) is a great example of the kind of data-driven innovation that’s possible. The Mercy Health IT team had to get explosive data growth under control to improve patient care and standardize treatments. MTS is transforming all aspects of its organization—from improving diagnostics, treatment, and prevention to reaching patients beyond the hospital walls.  Who helped them? NetApp.  Our Data Solutions and Flash technology are providing instantaneous data delivery. Critical medical data can now be accessed in an instant, allowing medical staff to make potentially life-saving decisions in real time.


“The science of medicine through data is really going to transform healthcare.” Gil Hoffman, SVP and CIO, Mercy Technology Services


Power Your Digital Transformation

Companies across all industries are facing disruption on a massive scale. According to IDC, 75% of the companies on the S&P 500 will lose their place by 2027. It’s clear that the companies that maximize the value of their data are the ones that will succeed, whether that means making information more accessible, improving the customer experience, or identifying patterns that lead to new markets and opportunities.


Today, NetApp is announcing new capabilities in three strategic areas to help you: harness the power of hybrid cloud, build a next-generation data center, and modernize your infrastructure. These new solutions and capabilities are designed to accelerate your digital transformation. The NetApp Data Fabric spans all three areas for a hybrid, multicloud experience.


There’s too much great stuff for me to mention everything in one blog post, so I’ll just cover the high points in each area. Look for more details in the coming days.


Harness the Power of Hybrid Cloud 

NetApp data management enhancements eliminate constraints so you can freely embrace the hybrid cloud without requiring more people, more training, and more complexity.


OnDemand Consumption. You might love the pay-as-you-go nature of the cloud but sometimes you need on-premises infrastructure. NetApp® OnDemand Consumption Models simplify the purchase and management of data storage capacity, allowing you to pay only for the capacity you consume. You can manage the storage yourself, or NetApp can own and manage everything for complete data management as a service.


OnCommand Insight eases cloud migration. NetApp OnCommand® Insight (OCI) software allows you to monitor and manage your applications infrastructure and data on premises and in the cloud with fast troubleshooting and optimization of resource usage, cost awareness, and capacity and performance forecasting. OCI now helps with cloud migration planning by analyzing each application’s resource consumption. After you migrate an application, you can continue to monitor performance, capacity, and other infrastructure metrics.


Build a Next-Generation Data Center 

Many enterprise IT teams are looking to build a next-generation data center to facilitate digital transformation, enhance IT operations and address changing business needs.


NetApp HCI. Hyper converged infrastructure solutions have the potential to simplify data center infrastructure and reduce management overhead. To power your next-generation data center, NetApp is introducing NetApp HCI, the world’s first enterprise-scale hyper converged solution, combining turnkey simplicity with unmatched performance control and scaling flexibility.


To create NetApp HCI, we looked at the limitations of first-generation HCI solutions and focused on the needs of the enterprise-scale data center. Our design, based on NetApp SolidFire® innovation, overcomes these limits so you can consolidate workloads, scale without stranding resources, and deliver the performance required by next generation applications. NetApp HCI integration with Data Fabric allows customers to unleash the power of their data to achieve a new competitive advantage.


Modernize Your Infrastructure 

NetApp provides modern data services for your existing applications to accelerate performance, protect data, and improve economics. Today, we’re providing new ways to help you accelerate modernization and future-proof the infrastructure that powers your business.


FabricPool. Many companies would love to use cloud storage for cold and archive data, but worry about wasting time figuring out what belongs where and shuffling things around. NetApp FabricPool eliminates these headaches, making the cloud an extension of your data center. FabricPool automatically tiers cold data to the cloud from your All Flash FAS array, reducing TCO up to 40% and freeing up space on your high-performance storage. If data becomes hot again, it is automatically retrieved. In Phase 1, you can tier to AWS S3 or to NetApp StorageGRID Webscale.


NextCredit. The NetApp NextCredit program future proofs your modernization efforts. Purchase an eligible All Flash FAS system and the required support contracts, and you will receive a flexible, fixed dollar credit toward the future purchase of NetApp products. The credit can be used in multiple ways, from All Flash FAS controller upgrades, to new nodes in a Data Fabric cluster, to licenses for any of our SaaS-based solutions including NetApp ONTAP® Cloud software that lets you easily connect with AWS and Microsoft Azure.


Unlocking the Value of Your Data

Although I’ve been at NetApp for only a few months, I think it’s a safe bet that even greater data innovations lie ahead. NetApp helps you grow your environment while simplifying data management. With the NetApp Data Fabric, we’ve successfully built bridges to public cloud providers, creating a much simpler management experience for data that is onsite, in the cloud, or distributed across multiple clouds.


With this announcement, we’ve made big enhancements to a wide range of solutions, only a few of which I’ve touched on in this post. All of this adds up to a better hybrid cloud experience with a greater ability to unlock the value of your data no matter where it resides!


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