Evolution is by far the most effective way to charge ahead and put a real air gap between you and your

contenders. Evolution is an iterative process. Include what works. Throw out what doesn’t work.


Watching, listening, Innovating and disrupting are the IT industry watch words that drive high strength and

depth evolutionary processes. More importantly these processes drive business value with a difference for

many organisations.




This week we announced the new All Flash FAS (AFF) product line. It does all the things previously described

delivering an All Flash family of products ready to take on the Enterprise main stream.


What NetApp has done, that is untouchable by all-comers and does very well, is to recognise the business

advantage gained by organisations that were looking to tightly couple rich data efficiency and management

with their business critical, revenue generating applications. Many organisations rely on this to differentiate

their position in their markets. For NetApp listening to the customer’s customer provides invaluable direction.


As I have said many times in previous blogs but in different words :-). The rate at which you can service

customers drives their perception of you and your business. It often defines customer loyalty, drives returning

customers and repeat business. If your rate of service is inconsistent, if you let queues build up, then your

customers will disappear.




This fact of business life drove us to hone and evolve the All Flash FAS (AFF8000) array family to achieve

consistent performance over a broad range of loads. We demonstrated this by submitting the AFF array to

the rigors of the Storage Performance Council SPC-1 benchmark. SPC-1 exercises the array by putting

it through a standard load which emulates an OLTP workload with consistent read and write ratio.



Link to the AFF SPC-1 Results – spc1_top10_performance


A quick word about benchmarks. I like benchmarks, for me they provide a ‘Line in the Sand’. I spent a lot of

time in the past pouring over SPEC processor benchmarks. They may not emulate my workload but they

will give me an idea of the performance profile I can expect and how consistently the system will perform

for a given mix of work. That word consistency again ! The results for the AFF running the SPC-1

benchmark are mighty impressive. Here I will add the word predictable. Predictability is so important

to business. Without it, as a business leader I am in a difficult position. The AFF8000 SPC-1 benchmark

demonstrates consistent, predictable sub-millisecond latency performance for enterprise workloads.


The price of Flash storage is also in a continual state of flux and we continue to monitor the trends and

ensure our Flash solutions pricing remain competitive. Which leads me to the conclusion ‘Whats Left ?’


Whats left is the Strongest, Broadest and Richest Data Management and Application Integration in the

industry bar none! I am happy to say that and to defend it. This is the final and most important

piece of the story. Regardless of the type of media you place your data on, these data will need to be

protected and managed. Tight integration of these processes with your business critical applications

puts you in control of the data, and not the other way around.


Flash to Disk to Cloud.jpg


Not only that, but many businesses are moving to the cloud. Some I have spoken to have moved

entirely to the cloud. Others say they never will but when you ask are you using Office 365, sfDC,

or Dropbox they say yes of course. One thing is clear, the charge towards the cloud is going to

accelerate and get louder over the next 5 years. Cloud Readiness for storage solutions is, in my

opinion, a mandatory requirement that I would be stipulating in my operational requirements,

no question. It gives me the flexibility and choice to guide the business as opportunity arises.

The AFF8000 coupled with the Flash Essentials tools completes your cloud and Data Fabric

ecosystem for flexibility, choice and enterprise class performance on or off premise, or in the

hyperscalar cloud.


To summarise, for almost all businesses, change is a constant. Opportunity comes and goes.

Workloads, Applications, Protection, Security and Regulation requirements vary with

regularity. Our goal is to help future proof your IT Investment, drive competitive advantage,

control costs while maintaining consistent, predictable, repeatable modes of operation.


From Flash to Disk to Cloud – It is the way to go.


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Flash to Disk to Cloud vision.


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Laurence James (aka Flashman) on behalf of the EMEA PASM Team


Laurence James