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Public Sector organizations are constantly being asked to increase performance and improve their data solutions despite dwindling budgets. NetApp’s U.S. Public Sector team is proud to not only provide word-class products and services to help them complete these missions, but to directly impact the lives of U.S. citizens. Through reliable data storage, accelerated app performance, and partner solutions, NetApp helps Federal, Civilian, Intelligence, Department of Defense, and State and Local Government and Education organizations run seamlessly. In fact, NetApp is the #1 storage provider to the U.S. Federal Government.


Department of Defense (DoD)

NetApp supports government entities with their mission needs. Intelligence and defense agencies with stringent requirements look to NetApp to store, maintain, protect, and enable mission critical data.


  • NetApp is key to managing DoD Operation Centers, and more than 12,500 systems have been deployed:
    • Army Battle Command/DCGS
    • USAF AOC
    • Navy ISNS
  • NetApp supports more than 1.5 million mailboxes in Microsoft® Exchange at the DoD:
    • Army Battle Command
    • USAF

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The National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center  (NERSC) relies on NetApp to better serve the demanding physics community, including scientists who capture more than 200 GB of data per day for dark matter research.

NERSC is now better able to serve the demanding high-energy physics community, including researchers studying highly massive particles and those working to detect the existence of dark matter. Carlos Faham, Chamberlain Postdoctoral Fellow at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, uses NERSC’s PDSF system to analyze data generated by the Large Underground Xenon (LUX) dark matter detector located nearly a mile beneath the surface of the Black Hills of South Dakota. Dark matter is thought to compose more than 80% of the matter in the universe, but so far it has never been directly detected. Read More.



Alaska uses FlexPod to deliver new government services 66% faster to its citizens.

Alaska’s oldest data center was in Anchorage, and the Division of Enterprise Technology (ETS) team, using FlexPod, was able to move the computing services to the new Juneau data center over a weekend. Then, after a few days of testing, the team replicated the services back to Anchorage and into a new facility-in just three hours. Now, because of the two identical data center locations, ETS can provision capacity for secure IT services that enhance the work of government employees, who, in turn, serve Alaska citizens. Instead of taking six months to deliver a new service, that time has been cut to about two months-a 66% improvement. Read More.


With Citrix ShareFile Enterprise on NetApp, Dallas County Iowa operates seamlessly while allowing its staff to serve its community of nearly 75,000 residents with mobile access to services.

Dallas County, Iowa has nearly doubled in size in the last ten years. It is home to nearly 75,000 residents and encompasses 18 cities and 16 townships across an area of nearly 600 square miles. Dallas County Information Services (IS) helps keep day-to-day operations running smoothly for this expanding region. The organization provides IT services and support for county officials, as well as for a growing staff of assessors, attorneys, nurses, police officers, wardens, and others who serve local communities in the office or on the road. To easily and efficiently address their needs, Dallas County IS leverages NetApp and Citrix technology. Read more.


With faster, more reliable access to patient records, Brooklyn Hospital doctors and nurses can now spend more time treating patients, already helping to achieve a 92% clinician approval rating.

With more people than ever relying on The Brooklyn Hospital Center (TBHC), it must continually find ways to stretch Medicaid and Medicare dollars further while maintaining its standard of excellence. TBHC deployed its first FlexPod Datacenter solution at a temporary site while its primary data center site underwent structural, power, and cooling renovations. Up and running in two weeks, the solution includes a two-node NetApp FAS8040 storage cluster with NetApp Flash Cache™ and Flash Pool™ intelligent caching. For doctors and nurses who previously struggled with slow and inconvenient data access across a range of systems, TBHC’s shared, high-performance NetApp storage cluster is a welcome change. With test results, images, and other pertinent patient data instantly available, clinicians can more rapidly diagnose and treat patients. Read more.


NetApp is helping IlliniCloud save school districts 50% in IT infrastructure costs with cloud services.

By providing state-of-the-art services at a lower cost, IlliniCloud helps school districts change the learning environment for students and gives teachers better access to information. With more than 350 school districts as IlliniCloud customers, and more requesting membership every year, the six-person infrastructure team at IlliniCloud needed a flexible, scalable, easily managed solution. “Every minute we can save teachers in accessing information is more time they can spend with students,” said Vicki Dewitt, chairperson, IlliniCloud. By helping districts avoid large capital IT expenditures, IlliniCloud helps redirect funds into educational initiatives. Read more.


Northumberland County increased productivity by 25% and saved taxpayers over $1.1 million by moving to the NetApp Hybrid Cloud, enhancing citizen service.

Flood management and protection are top priorities for Northumberland County, especially with its data center and 90,000 residents sitting on the Susquehanna River. The data center was in a flood plain, nearing capacity, and their data protection was tape-based. By moving to the hybrid cloud, Northumberland County is now free to use the cloud as a foundation for enhanced citizen services without worrying about data sovereignty and compliance. The county has already deployed a new e-mail system using its hybrid cloud on Mallard, resulting in more reliable communications. Systems such as 911 dispatch and tax claims and assessment now leverage the hybrid cloud solution as well, providing high availability for these critical services. Read more.


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