A few years ago we introduced NetApp® ONTAP® data management software for the clustered environment, and at that time NetApp set the goal to drive simplicity in our data and storage management tools. I was lucky to be part of the team that built the next generation performance management tool – OnCommand Performance Manager (OPM). With OPM we focused on customer simplicity—delivering analytics to reduce the effort and expertise required so that you can maximize performance and minimize troubleshooting time durations. To learn about the latest innovations introduced in OnCommand Unified Manager 7.2, listen to Tech ONTAP podcast 83 with Phil Bachman and me.


A byproduct of all this innovation was a proliferation of servers. Every new capability needed dedicated compute resources, and the number of management servers required by the OnCommand products for a complete solution increased.


Unification Achieved

With the OnCommand Unified Manager (OCUM) 6.4 release more than a year ago, we introduced full integration with OnCommand Performance Manager. The integrated web user interface eliminated the need to log in to each application separately. Our customers appreciated this convenience, but they still asked for more unification and simplification. Therefore …. Introducing (drumroll please) … OnCommand Unified Manager 7.2! Unified Manager and Performance Manager in a single download and single server. Simple.


NetApp OnCommand Unified Manager

Do It Once

The integration of what used to be Performance Manager runs deep. Gone is the need to manage configuration settings twice in the two unique servers. There is a single MySQL database for both capacity and performance data. Adding a cluster to be monitored is done once. Event alerts are configured in one place. Engineering identified the need for optimization so the server runs more efficiently than ever before. You get the picture? Less is more. Here’s a breakdown of all the integrated features in Unified Manager 7.2:


  • Single download and single installation
  • One web user interface to add clusters and manage users, removing management overhead
  • Monitor and manage health, availability, capacity, and performance from one Unified Manager instance
  • One events page displaying health, configuration, and performance events
  • Integrated Unified Manager application database backup and restore functionality

Since performance monitoring is now fully integrated into the Unified Manager product, we will no longer release OnCommand Performance Manager as a separate product. NetApp provides a migration tool to copy the historical performance data from OPM 7.1 to OCUM 7.2. We expect that some customers will keep the OPM server around for reference to their historical data, but many will be content to move completely to the OCUM server.


Events Management Simplified

Event management is a key functionality of Unified Manager, and the 7.2 release shines here. We have further integrated the performance events generated by analytics into the main flow of Unified Manager’s events, further simplifying ongoing configuration and monitoring. In Unified Manager 7.2, you can capture custom events from ONTAP and tie in custom scripts to trigger follow-on actions, to streamline the events management process completely. Watch the Subscribing to ONTAP EMS Events in Unified Manager YouTube video to learn how to capture custom events in Unified Manager from ONTAP.


OnCommand Unified Manager | Events

Measuring Data Performance? No Problem

Collecting and storing detailed performance counters can take a lot of server resources and disk space. Unified Manager has a very efficient method of collecting performance counters, which minimizes ONTAP resources consumed and maximizes the quality and accessibility of your performance data. We simplify analytics and provide you with unique metrics such as performance capacity.


With Unified Manager 7.2 you can collect up to 15 days of back data from ONTAP, allowing you to “catch up” on past performance data even when online collection was not possible. Once you install Unified Manager 7.2, it brings up to 15 days of past performance charts automatically. Even if you take the server down for maintenance, you won’t lose any of your performance data.

OnCommand Unified Manger | Performance Data

There’s No Stopping Us

This blog is the first of four posts that look at the various ways that NetApp is simplifying data management with the new OnCommand Unified Manager 7.2.


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Yossi Weihs

Joseph “Yossi” Weihs is a Product Manager with the NetApp Cloud Insights team and has been with NetApp for ten years. He has deep understanding of the IT Monitoring and Storage industries. Prior to NetApp Yossi has worked in a number of companies including Seachange Intl and Avidyne. He has co-founded two venture backed companies in networking and mobile device space and holds three patents.