NetApp SolidFire is back at VMworld 2016 in Las Vegas next week, August 28 through September 1, with a vengeance. Booth demos, breakout sessions, panel discussions, and our own NetApp SolidFire conference suite (plus more Elio than you can shake a stick at) means you’ll get a much needed break from hyperconverged and SDN discussions.

You can find us under the big red N in the NetApp booth. The NetApp booth is the one with the big NetApp sign over it. The fact that it’s booth 1535 is of little consequence. Come chat with a large collection of know-it-alls (including myself) about SolidFire’s existing and new offerings. There’s also a chance to win our amazing (and currently secret) booth giveaway.  If you’re a vExpert, we might have something special for you as well.

SolidFire’s focus for VMworld is the introduction of VMware Virtual Volumes (VVols) support in the upcoming release of Element OS 9. Added capabilities for scale and size as well as new pricing models are also spotlighted for existing customers. Those new to SolidFire can learn about scale-out storage with guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) built on an all-flash platform and how it can benefit your organization.

VMworld conference presence

The core of the SolidFire content is going to come from our breakout sessions. We have a variety of them, and they’re all over the map in terms of technology, focus, and presenters. The can’t-miss session for the conference is what we call the “Dave and Dave Show:” NetApp’s founder Dave Hitz and SolidFire’s founder Dave Wright on stage to inform and entertain you. Their session is CTO9951: “What’s Old is New Again: Next Generation Storage.” This will definitely not be your dry founders’ talk.

There are quite a few other sessions on more specific topics, so pick and choose:


Let’s not forget about panels that include SolidFire folks in jeans and T-shirts explaining relevant technology:

NetApp SolidFire content

You can find out a lot more about what we’re doing in our NetApp SolidFire Conference Suite 1. When we aren’t using it for private briefings (which are still available — contact us), we have a few special sessions:

  • Developer-Driven IT Consumption with SolidFire
    Monday, August 29, 3:00 p.m., NetApp SolidFire Conference Suite 1
    Presenter: Josh Atwell, Developer Advocate
  • Introducing EUC Launchpad: Launch your Project with NetApp SolidFire and VMware
    Wednesday, August 31, 11:30 a.m., NetApp SolidFire Conference Suite 1
    Presenter: Keith Norbie, Sr. Business Development Manager
  • SolidFire Virtual Volumes Launch & Deep Dive – #VVolsDoneRight
    Tuesday, August 30, 4:00 p.m., NetApp SolidFire Conference Suite 1
    Presenters: Val Bercovici, SolidFire CTO; Andy Banta, Storage Janitor
  • How NetApp SolidFire Will Transform the Next Generation Data Center and VMware Storage
    Wednesday, August 31, 11:00am, NetApp SolidFire Conference Suite 1
    Presenters: Val Bercovici, NetApp SolidFire CTO; Jeramiah Dooley, Sr. Principal Architect; Gabe Chapman, Sr. Principal Architect

You can find out more and reserve a conference-facility quality chair by visiting the NetApp SolidFire VMware site.

When Josh isn’t on stage, he gets put away into the VMware {Code} booth. Feel free to track him down there to get a helping of developer advocacy.

SolidFire will also have a presence at the VMworld Opening Acts on Sunday and the #VMunderground party Sunday night. Gabe Chapman will be there schooling the storage panel.


Social engagement

But enough with the content.  SolidFire folks are a social group, and you can socialize with us at a handful of places. For early arrivers, check out vBeers Saturday night, where the vExpert goodies get unveiled. NetApp SolidFire folks are behind the FireBunnies team at #v0dgeball on Sunday afternoon. Come cheer them on, or try to pound them with a ball. SolidFire founder Dave Wright will also host a VIP invitation-only poker tournament Tuesday, August 30 starting at 7:30 p.m. Look for us on the Solution Expo floor, in the hang space, and just generally walking the conference to find out what other invitation-only events you can join.

We’re looking forward to seeing you and hope you’re looking forward to seeing us.

VMworld US in Las Vegas runs August 28-September 1. Learn more at

Andy Banta

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