New Hybrid Cloud Offerings: Cash In on the Data-Powered Digital Economy

When I get off the plane in Germany for the NetApp Insight Berlin conference in a few weeks, I can go to virtually any ATM and take out the cash I need in Euros. Our global financial network simplifies access and retrieval while safeguarding our assets. IT customers should be able to obtain this same level of ease and safety when it comes to control and movement of data.


That’s the promise of the Data Fabric: you can leverage data and compute from anywhere, and do it securely. Today we’re announcing more hybrid cloud innovations that move us closer to that goal.


The Data Fabric helps you control, manage, secure, and move data across on-premises and public cloud resources. We’re partnering with a growing list of hybrid cloud ecosystem partners, including AWS and Microsoft, to give you the ability to architect the IT environment that best meets your needs.


In my blog in September, I talked about how new ONTAP software and flash storage systems power the Data Fabric. A month later, we’re back with a host of additional customer-focused hybrid cloud offerings.


New Data Fabric Solutions and Services

Interoperability is fundamental to the effectiveness of the global banking network and just as essential for seamless data management. Today’s launch includes four new Data Fabric Solutions and Services that enhance your ability to interoperate with the cloud.


Data Fabric Cloud Sync Service

Our new Cloud Sync service brings the same level of simplicity to moving and accessing your data that the global financial network brings to your cash. It overcomes the challenges of getting data to and from the cloud, which has traditionally been slow, complicated, and unreliable.


Cloud Sync lets you copy data to Amazon Web Services and keep it in sync. You just choose the NFS data to sync and select an AWS S3 bucket. You can also designate a service such as Elastic MapReduce (EMR) to automatically analyze the data.


Cloud Sync Service

The same way the US dollars in my bank account become Euros at that ATM in Germany, NFSv3 file data becomes S3 object data-you don’t even have to think about it.


You only pay for the service on an hourly basis while you’re using it, and the whole process is secure and fast. Our Cloud Sync demo from Insight shows Cloud Sync moving files about 4 times faster than rsync.



Cloud Sync is available now in the Amazon Marketplace. A 30-day free trial makes it painless to try it out.


Cloud Control for Microsoft Office 365

Many companies use Microsoft Office 365 for Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business. However, you still need to protect the data in those services against malicious attacks and for compliance. Cloud Control lets you back up and retain Office 365 data on Amazon S3, Azure blob storage, or your own storage. You can set up different tiers of service for different users.


Be sure to check out the Cloud Control demo.


NetApp Private Storage as a Service

NetApp Private Storage (NPS) for Cloud positions your data “next to” multiple clouds on storage you own-ideal for customers with compliance and data sovereignty concerns.


NPS as a Service (NPSaaS) eliminates the storage ownership requirement, converting CapEx to OpEx while delivering the ultimate in data control and flexibility. NPSaaS is available now from select partners worldwide including Arrow, Faction, ASE, DARZ, and ThinkOn.


Data Fabric Solution for Cloud Backup

When you visit an ATM, you don’t worry that the money is counterfeit or that it will be withdrawn from someone else’s account. Everything is secure and protected. This solution adds that same level of assurance to data protection in the cloud.


Data is backed up to the cloud using NetApp AltaVault for speed, security, and ease of use. SnapCenter 2.0 provides a single point of control and simple drag-and-drop configuration.


Check out the Cloud Backup demo to learn more.


Making the Hybrid Cloud Simpler

The NetApp Data Fabric is the data management architecture for the next era of IT, enabling you to take the fullest advantage of hybrid cloud. NetApp is delivering innovation three times faster than we’ve ever done before to make this a reality.


A number of NetApp products give you more flexibility and insight into the performance of your hybrid cloud. OnCommand Insight provides operational intelligence, business insight, and IT ecosystem integration within complex enterprise IT environments. Our new SnapCenter 2.0 software makes it possible to manage backups and data copies across your on-premises data centers and in the cloud. And we’ve created new OnCommand API Services capabilities across our product line for use by DevOps or anyone moving to service provider IT delivery model.


Updated versions of our StorageGRID Webscale object storage and AltaVault software make it even easier to create a highly scalable, self-healing infrastructure to run cloud applications on-premises and consolidate backups across datacenters spanning the globe.


Check out the resources below to learn more about how these new solutions and services can help you leverage your data across the hybrid cloud.


Additional Resources:

Joel Reich

Joel Reich is the executive vice president for Storage Systems & Software at NetApp. He is responsible for overseeing the strategy and development of a broad product and solutions portfolio, including ONTAP data management software, AFF, FAS and E-Series systems, and NetApp manageability software.

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