New NetApp Offerings Accelerate Clinical Applications, Future-Proof IT Investment

NetApp recently made its most far-reaching innovation announcement in its 25-year history, introducing new data management technology that gives healthcare customers an unprecedented ability to simplify their IT, increase efficiency and deliver better patient care.   These announcements are significant, as they enable our customers to enjoy simplicity and savings while further strengthening NetApp’s Data Fabric solutions and services portfolio.


Dave Nesvisky, NetApp Healthcare Senior Director, takes a closer look at how these announcements impact healthcare customers:

40% Performance Improvement at No Additional Cost

“This is big,” Nesvisky comments. “New features have been added to NetApp ONTAP Select, and we have seen up to 40% performance improvements in latency-sensitive electronic health record (EHR) applications like Epic just by migrating to the new version of ONTAP. That’s a 40% performance improvement as a supported enhancement, at no additional cost. This means that Epic users can speed the delivery of clinical information, patient scheduling and billing like never before.”


Offsetting the Cost of “What’s Next?”

The NetApp NextCredit program, the industry’s most flexible future credit program, enables customers who purchase eligible AFF A Series models and associated support contracts, a flexible, fixed dollar credit toward future purchase of NetApp products. “In short, NetApp now enables healthcare customers to scale out their existing infrastructure to handle additional storage requirements associated with new denser image modalities, or scale up performance to support additional EHR users,” Nesvisky explains. “This flexibility enables them to save time and money as they adapt to changing business conditions.

Healthcare-Ready Hybrid Cloud

As cloud computing matures to better handle the protected health information (PHI) demands of healthcare, OnCommand Insight enables customers to take advantage of the benefits of a hybrid cloud infrastructure. “Healthcare customers can now move data where it makes the most sense, balancing the need for low latency with the potential cost savings of off premise storage for cold or seldom accessed data,” says Nesvisky. “This is especially important given that the impact of the Affordable Care Act has made cost containment more important than ever. NetApp’s OnDemand Consumption model allows customers to consume storage more cost effectively and in a way that more closely mirrors their usage.”


Sophistication, Simplicity and Scalability

NetApp HCI, the world’s first enterprise-scale hyper converged solution, leap-frogs the competition with guaranteed performance and simplicity. “This will have an immediate impact on virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for large healthcare institutions who have run into scaling problems with other HCI offerings,” says Nesvisky. “NetApp HCI also offers an opportunity for smaller clinics and practices to enjoy the benefits of a sophisticated and powerful infrastructure, even when they have little to no technical staff available.” Customers can expect to be up and running in less than 30 minutes and to have more than 90% of their traditional performance-related problems eliminated.


Nesvisky concludes, “Our proven commitment to innovation over a quarter of a century continues to create new opportunities for our healthcare customers to improve patient outcomes. Using NetApp technology, our customers are equipped to navigate deep data lakes, keep pace with rapid and constant change, and pursue their work changing the world with data.”


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