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By Rachel Dines, Product Marketing Lead for AltaVault, NetApp


We all have it. Old data. Stale data. Cold data. Dark data. Data that is infrequently accessed, but we also can’t delete. Data generated by users, or applications. It could be structured or unstructured. It could be important to retain for legal, compliance, historical preservation, or just best practice.


No matter the source or the reason, no matter what industry or geography, you likely have terabytes, (or petabytes), of data that is almost never touched. And unlike the knickknacks accumulating in your junk drawer or the overflowing filing cabinets in the office, keeping this infrequently used data on-premises is increasingly expensive.


Which brings me to the question: Can we still afford to store all this backup and archive data in traditional, onsite repositories? It’s becoming increasingly clear that companies should adopt the cloud as part of their data protection strategy, especially when retaining data for long periods of time.


Adding cloud storage to an existing backup or archive infrastructure is not always a straightforward task, but NetApp and Amazon Web Services (AWS) streamline the process. For the past several years, customers who wanted to store backup and archive data on AWS have had two great options: Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon Glacier. Amazon S3, with faster access times, was the obvious choice for backup data, while Amazon Glacier, with low cost, but longer restore times, was the favored option for cold data that would likely never need to be retrieved. But what about data that falls in the middle? Data that you don’t want to pay a lot to store, but still requires high performance with immediate access?


We’re excited that AWS recently introduced a new tier of storage-Amazon S3 Infrequently Accessed (Amazon S3 Standard-IA)-that gives users the price point they want without sacrificing restore times. At $0.0125 per gigabyte per month, but with the same access speeds and protocols as Amazon S3, Amazon S3 Standard-IA is an ideal target for backup, archive, and DR data. By the end of this year, Amazon S3 Standard-IA will be a native target for AltaVault, NetApp’s cloud-integrated storage appliance for backup and archive. This will allow NetApp customers to seamlessly and securely send their data to and from Amazon S3 Standard-IA.


So if you’ve been thinking about moving backup data to the cloud (and according to ESG almost half of you are), what are you waiting for? Get started with NetApp and AWS today.


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Rachel Dines