If you’re not deploying next generation hosting, you’re already behind!

The cloud and managed hosting business is tough. There are high costs of infrastructure, the market is hyper competitive, the industry is in the midst of great change, and you, as a business manager or executive, have to navigate all of these issues while figuring out your hosting strategy for the next three years.

You can’t differentiate based on virtualization — everybody does that.

Competing on price won’t work — trying to undercut AWS or Azure while continuing to stay profitable is not a viable business plan.

And to top it all, customer expectations just keep getting higher, requiring a more agile infrastructure to supply services and solutions that can be adjusted on the fly.

These challenges are not new, yet many service providers are struggling to adapt to these very real market pressures.

There are, though, a group of service providers that seem to be growing — even in tough market conditions. They are thriving, growing, and, in some cases, even creating new niche market segments.


These businesses are the service providers that deploy a next generation data center infrastructure — the ones that have embraced the five core principles that empower their businesses to differentiate, thrive, and grow at the expense of the traditional providers.

In NetApp SolidFire’s latest thought leadership report, we describe how to navigate the challenges and trends within a hyper competitive market and what it takes to transform into a growing service provider business based on the five key principles of a next generation data center:

  • Scale-out architecture

  • Guaranteed performance through Quality of Service (QoS)

  • Automated management based on a comprehensive RESTful API

  • Data assurance using RAIDless high availability data protection

  • Global efficiencies from compression, deduplication, and thin-provisioning

Learn about the NGDC trends and business strategies in Designing the Next Generation Data Center: A Service Provider’s Perspective.


Simon Wheeler

Simon is the Senior Product and Segment Marketing Manager at SolidFire where he helps service providers position, market, and generate demand for their NetApp SolidFire-based storage services. He has 25 years of product marketing and management experience in multiple industries.