By Shashanka SR, Technical Marketing Engineer, NetApp


NetApp is proud to announce the release of OnCommand Shift, version 1.1. The latest release provides a new and simplified user-friendly configuration wizard, as well as other key enhancements.


What’s New in OnCommand Shift 1.1?

OnCommand Shift 1.1 comes with a new configuration wizard GUI. The Graphic User Interface (GUI) will help customers configure all the components of OnCommand Shift. With the addition of the GUI, we now have two interfaces, which will allow customers to configure OnCommand Shift by either using the Command Line Interface (PowerShell Cmdlets) or the GUI.


You can perform the following tasks using the configuration wizard:

  • Creating a new Storage Virtual Machine (SVM)
  • Configuring Windows Remote Management (WinRM/CredSSP)
  • Configuring the Shift Server components
    • Hypervisor (ESXi host and Hyper-V host) information
    • Domain credentials for accessing the Guest OS
    • Mapping between the hypervisors for the OnCommand Shift server virtual network switches
  • Configuring the Data ONTAP settings and Destination Path

For more information on the installation of OnCommand Shift, download the installation guide on


Rollback VMs
Users now have the option to choose whether to rollback the source VM to its original state or not, or use the default action of rollback in the previous version. This option is useful for debugging purposes. For example, if a conversion fails when the rollback option was set to false, you can login to the guest OS and troubleshoot the issues, which was not possible in the previous version.


Uninstall VMware Tools
Users also have the option to uninstall the VMware tools from the source VM during the conversion process, or use the default action of removing the VMware tools in the previous version.


Additional Updates
OnCommand Shift 1.1 provides support for the global markets by extending to non-English character sets making it easily adaptable. This update also has the following benefits:

  • You can install the product and run it on a non-English-language operating system
  • The product accepts configuration information in Unicode
  • The product converts a non-English-language guest OS

OnCommand Shift 1.1 is also available on the latest versions of Data ONTAP 8.3.2 (including support for adaptive compression volumes), ESXi 6.0, and Java 8.
About OnCommand Shift
If you are new to NetApp, OnCommand Shift is a Windows PowerShell-based interface that enables you to convert virtual machines from one hypervisor format to another. The product leverages NetApp FlexClone technology to support rapid bidirectional conversion of virtual machine hard drives as follows:

  • VMware ESXi to Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Microsoft Hyper-V to VMware ESXi

OnCommand Shift 1.0 was announced last year and evolved from our MAT4Shift tool. For more information on OnCommand 1.0, read about how you can migrate VMs of any size in minutes with NetApp OnCommand Shift.


For more information on OnCommand Shift 1.1, review the Conversion and Administration Guide, Cmdlet Reference Guide, or visit the NetApp Community.

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