*Please note the following article was a guest blog post from SolidFire on the OnRamp Blog.


You might be asking what the heck do noisy neighbors have to do with Hosting or the cloud?   Well, actually a lot!


Let me explain why

When multiple applications share the same storage infrastructure, they also share storage performance (both IOPS and bandwidth). One application – or “noisy neighbor” – can easily consume an unfair share of the resources. Leaving mere scraps for others.


The graphic below illustrates how the noisy neighbor can affect everyone the system without quality of Service and how when QoS is applied how stable the performance is.



Now for the good news

The good news is that OnRamp has implemented a very leading edge (and fast) SAN storage technology from a Colorado based company called SolidFire.  SolidFire’s Next Generation technology is 100% flash based (meaning it can go really fast if needed) and it enables OnRamp to apply Quality of Service (QoS) to each volume provisioned in the system.


What on earth does that mean? 

It means that no tenant in system can affect the performance of any other tenant. Effectively OnRamp is able to deliver the same or faster levels of performance to each customer without the worry of customers experiencing the “noisy neighbor effect.” Put simply, your application will run at the same speed all day, all night, all week and all year, delivering a consistent experience to every user of your site or application.


This QoS capability now enables enterprises of all sizes the ability to move performance sensitive and business critical applications to the cloud without worry of poor performance.  Effectively enterprises can get the performance of a dedicated SAN infrastructure with the value proposition of a shared cloud offering.


We at SolidFire are proud to be partnered with OnRamp and look forward to helping OnRamp deliver the best hosting experiences to its customers.


I encourage you to ask your OnRamp Account Manager more about how to take advantage of this new QoS technology.


Stuart Oliver

Stuart is currently the Global Consulting Director at NetApp in the Next Generation Data center group, where he is responsible for articulating NetApp’s value proposition to hosting service and cloud providers globally. Stuart’s primary role involves interfacing with key hosting service providers and acting as a strategic market advisor and working with them to provide market guidance on the productization, the pricing and the strategic positioning of their next generations storage services.