I got back from the OpenStack summit in Barcelona not long ago. It was an impressive event, which showcased the new features of OpenStack’s 14’th release ‘Newton’. One of the keynote topics was ‘OpenStack Multi Cloud’, which offers a way to handle the scalability and interoperability of different OpenStack clouds for different regions, datacenters and even different OpenStack distributions. One remark – enabling applications to move or relocate from one cloud to another is a challenge NetApp is addressing with its Data Fabric vision for quite some time, not only within OpenStack clouds but even in a hybrid cloud model.


For me, the most impressive fact was, that a large amount of OpenStack projects are in production nowadays, and that during the summit many enterprise customers have demonstrated their productive OpenStack projects. Not only from areas such as DevOps or R&D, but also a lot of really sensitive enterprises such as banking, online payment systems, video streaming showcased their successful OpenStack implementations.


Also SAP together with BBVA presented how to successfully run OpenStack on Enterprise scale using NetApp’s storage drivers for Cinder and Manila. Focusing on SAP for OpenStack, SAP OpenStack evangelist and Manila contributor Marc Koderer demonstrated how SAP make use of Manila in SAP’s ‘converged cloud’ solution. A project where OpenStack is used as an API layer to harmonize many different cloud solutions. For this, SAP is working together with NetApp and Cisco to improve Manila for large enterprise usage types.


Hierarchical Port Binding (HPB)

At the summit, we’ve demonstrated how SAP and NetApp improve Manila to accommodate a massive scalable enterprise cloud. With HPB in OpenStack Newton the Manila process of creating shared servers on the backend storage now also configures the network and switch configuration to assign the required VLAN’s to all relevant ports. This automation not only reduces the manual configuration effort, but also makes networking much more secure in a way that only these VLAN’s, which are currently in use will be mapped to the corresponding switch-ports.


You can watch the full presentation below or on OpenStack’s YouTube channel.



Bernd Herth

Bernd Herth architects and defines NetApp's SAP solutions as TME at the SAP Partner Port at SAP headquarters in Walldorf. He has over 25 years of experience in SAP software and in planning and architecting infrastructure solutions for SAP and has held various positions in the SAP ecosystem. Herth has published articles and books focused on SAP technology and virtualization. He holds a masters degree in physics and taught computer science classes as assistant professor.