Source: Gartner February 2017

As a business leader, you are aware the only constant in IT is change. As the speed of innovation and change continues to rise, it has become increasingly important to keep pace in order to realize value for your business. DevOps methodologies provide a new approach that make keeping up more achievable. This new philosophy accelerates time to value, improves product quality, and increases business productivity across a variety of organizations to deliver more value in less time.


Ultimately, the advantages of a DevOps culture are evident across all layers of the organization — it encourages more communication, collaboration, and integration between software development and IT operations, helps IT more effectively serve the business, and allows the business to work seamlessly for its customers and employees. To meet the demands of the software development lifecycle (SDLC), business offerings, integrations, and partnerships must be fully embraced from hardware to software to deliver the benefits of DevOps.


Rampant innovation is necessary to set the standards of excellence instead of following them. Having a highly automated, agile system that can scale out with your business growth is crucial for achieving DevOps success. What enables your infrastructure? What sets the limit on the speed at which you innovate?


Gartner outlines the biggest challenges of the coming year along with strategies and best practices for optimizing your DevOps transformation in its research note: Optimize IT Operations and DevOps to Drive Business Value Primer for 2017.


In this report you’ll find:

  • Industry trends disrupting IT operations over the next three years
  • Best practices for navigating the ongoing challenges of IT
  • New technologies expected to impact IT operations management and DevOps

Download this report to examine both external and internal forces challenging your organization in 2017, and prepare your business to drive value through continuous improvement leveraging DevOps.


Want to learn more? Read how SolidFire enables a DevOps environment and how continuous change can benefit your company’s present and future.


Gartner Optimize IT Operations and DevOps to Drive Business Value Primer for 2017, Katherine Lord, February 2, 2017

Ashley Hemmen

Ashley is a Product Marketing Manager at NetApp, leading go-to-market activities for StorageGRID. She previously spent over two years marketing products enabled by Element software, namely SolidFire and NetApp HCI, giving her a well-rounded understanding of NetApp’s Cloud Infrastructure product portfolio. When she is not behind her computer, Ashley loves the Colorado outdoors, beaches, adventures, and chocolate chip cookies.

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