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With over 8,000 members around the world, NetApp’s partner program consists of some of the brightest and forward-thinking minds within our industry. Together, NetApp and its partners are helping customers solve the complex challenges facing today’s businesses. This is the story of those challenges, their achievements, and it is in their voice.

Long View is one of the most powerful IT solutions and services companies in North America. With a clear focus on combining business and technology through their IT methodology, Long View is able to define and customize what the future of Hybrid IT looks like. Long View relies on NetApp and FlexPod to help them make a business difference for the customers who trust them.

Recently, Long View helped a leading Canadian utility company maintain their excellent customer service record while reducing risk by providing predictable performance for SAP® utilities, SAP CRM, and other business-critical workloads at offices located across remote locations and departments including call centers and billing departments.

Michael Thomaschewski.jpgBy migrating applications and databases to a FlexPod® environment and using storage quality-of-service (QoS) policies in the NetApp® clustered Data ONTAP® operating system to meet performance requirements, Long View helped this utility giant improve cash flow by enabling consistent revenue collection, improve customer service and call center efficiency, reduce SAP storage TCO by 50%, and accelerate SAP upgrades and deployments by 25%.

We recently sat down with Michael Thomaschewski, Long View’s Director of Infrastructure, Office of the CTO, to learn more about Long View’s success, his thoughts on leadership, and why FlexPod is a critical element in helping Long View deliver compelling solutions to their business clients.

Tell us how you, and by extension Long View, think about leadership?
For myself, I see leadership as establishing a clear vision and then sharing that vision with others. It is about painting a picture that makes sense so followers join you and become leaders in their own right. At Long View, leadership intersects people and teams and extends into partnership with our customers. Together we provide the information, knowledge and methods to realize our shared vision.

How has Long View positioned itself as a leader in the market?
At Long View we stay on top of market trends.  This allows us to provide sound advice to our clients who look to us to be that trusted advisor and thought leader.  By continuously investing in our people, we are able to scale better while providing solutions that leverage these trends as market demands grow. The advantage is that we can architect, deploy and support market leading solutions before our competition. For our customers, this means a tremendous advantage in their go-to-market efforts.

Why do your customers work with you – what do you do that builds loyalty?
Clients work with Long View for many reasons.  I cannot say it would be for one reason alone.   When I think of loyalty I know that is because we have worked hard to achieve trusted advisor status. Here is what I believe our customers have come to expect:

  1. Thought Leadership – A lot of companies talk about thought leadership but it requires an incredible investment to make the words really true. At Long View we continually invest – in people, in training, in research, in testing and in relationships with some of the most forward-thinking business and technology leaders in the world. We continually exercise our “thought leadership” muscle.
  2. Partnerships – Our partnerships are rich and deep. We align with global leaders on both the technology and the business side of their organizations, and again, the word “investment” is critical. If you are going to represent how technology can transform business today, it is not something you can do alone. You need to be able to collaborate by bringing great minds together to solve complex business challenges. Our tight relationships with our partners let us do just that.
  3. Solutions Oriented Hybrid IT Approach – Our entire organization is structured around delivering multi-vendor solutions that cross infrastructure, applications, end-user experience, managed services, cloud, business technology management, licensing and procurement. In other words, we engineer from where the customer is today to where they need to go. In a manner that continually optimizes what they already have.

How has FlexPod helped you build customer loyalty across your business?
FlexPod is a converged infrastructure solution.  Converged Infrastructure is a leading market trend which our clients use to form the foundation of their internal clouds. And while cloud is what everyone is talking about today, we know that it is much more than a buzzword, it is strategy that is enabling our clients’ business to become more agile, more efficient and more innovative in how they grow their own market share.

What excites you about your partnership with NetApp and Cisco?
The innovation that NetApp and Cisco drive in their product portfolio is what really excites me. FlexPod led the market in converged infrastructure solutions and is continuing to dominate with more and more validated designs as well as broader application support. With FlexPod, we have been helping our clients solve business challenges we could only dream of doing a few years ago.

Want to learn if a FlexPod converged infrastructure can help you? Download this Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) study to understand Forrester’s five step approach to building a converged infrastructure business plan.

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