Welcome to PopUpTechTalks, the show by and for technologists. What’s on your mind these days? Tell us, and we’ll help share your inner tech voice with nifty & occasionally snarky little pop-up bubbles. Sorry for the recent delay but we have decided to switch up the format of how we publish PopUpTechTalks to accommodate your binge watching tendencies. This should also allow us to catch up to our treasure trove of unpublished episodes quite a bit quicker 😉 Without further adieu here are the not previously published episodes from last year’s Cisco Live and VMworld US.


Kurt Collins (Cisco Live)

How Cisco is rocking when it comes to teaching and enabling developers. Also how the “hardware guys” have more of a leg up on the existing developers than they think.


Mark Snow (Cisco Live)

Get some real world examples for how IOT and “Rich” Big data are coming together to provide digital disruption in a variety of industries.


Lindasy Simancek (Cisco Live)

Learn how Lindsay is helping “Flip The Classroom” for K-12 students with the help of technology. WOW!


Eric Lee (VMworld)

Ever think of becoming a “Kick Ass Civilian”? Listen to Eric’s journey and how he applies his tech skills to help those in need.


Gabe Maentz (VMworld)

#BusLife + #VMworld =  One crazy (but memorable) & delicious ride.


Dan Barber (VMworld)

Dan takes on the tough topic of “IT Problems”. If you can relate to increasing levels of responsibility with dropping levels of control you need to watch this episode.


Kyle Murley & Sergio Munoz (Vmworld)

Kyle and Sergio explain from a global perspective how “The Cloud” is changing strategies everywhere. (In espanol)



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Mike Turner is an influence marketing manager and social media strategist located in RTP North Carolina. A Mike of all trades and master of none, he has worked in the fields of auto maintenance, sales, IT, marketing, operations, and communications. If he is not riding a bike or playing with new tech you can find him on twitter @1andonlymiket.

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