FlexPodPowered.pngThe other day one of my colleagues asked, “FlexPod Powered, is that a Thing?”


I kind of knew what he was asking: Is it a partner certification program?  No.  Is it a technical product validation program?  No.  Is it some formal market co-development program?  No.


The FlexPod Powered program is the way we promote the partners who provide offerings that extend the value of the FlexPod solution.  In the past we’ve exclusively focused on technology providers, but sometimes stretched this to include a service like training that complements and helps make the integrated solution that much more complete.  The FlexPod Powered webpage has featured some unique partners that have played a key role in helping make a ‘whole product’ but who themselves are not reselling FlexPods.


For example…

Eaton, creators of the “5th Element of Converged Infrastructure“, knows a lot about power… and converged infrastructure, as they provide a host of energy-related products that can be used with FlexPod.  An interesting one is their “Intelligent Power Management” software that integrates VMware vCenter and Citrix XenServer along with Eaton’s own power protection and distribution solutions.  IPM can monitor and manage power in the data center, and can trigger VM migration to/from FlexPod in the event of a power outage.


F5 was an early supporter of NetApp and FlexPod, specifically with their Application Delivery Controllers that enhance FlexPod infrastructure with local and global traffic balancing, WAN optimization and Access policy management.


Ever find yourself standing in front of a rack of equipment wondering ‘Is this a FlexPod’?  Hopefully not on day 1 of a deployment, but after a year or two of updates and configuration changes, that’s a fair question.  Immersive Partner Solutions  has a product to answer it. The ‘CIDAT’ solution lets VARs and integrators now instantly and continuously “validate” a customer environment to ensure its health and performance.


Schneider Electric, another global specialist in ‘power’ management and automation, has become known for their turnkey IT infrastructure solutions including intelligent enclosures for FlexPod Datacenter and FlexPod Express, frequently seen at IT conferences around the world.


ScienceLogic developed CloudMapper software that can provide a single view for FlexPod monitoring, even when environments span multiple instances across multiple data centers and across clouds.


Symantec, known for its security and former Veritas data management products, envisioned a way to use their Data Insight software with FlexPod to improve data governance for applications like Microsoft SharePoint and File Sharing.


There are many more offerings that provide alternatives for customers to realize the value and flexibility of their converged infrastructure.  The latest set of featured FlexPod Powered Partners are on display every quarter or so on the FlexPod webpage and within promotional materials and communications.


Down with the Establishment

More ecosystem choice provides alternatives to having to do things the old, established way.  Likewise, the ‘Separate IT resource mindset’ – buying compute, networking and storage as individual components – is giving way to converged and hyper-converged infrastructure solutions that deliver immediate and long-term benefits for IT teams who are taking the power of change into their own hands.  Converged and Hyper-converged approaches are efficiently solving challenges in a timely and cost-efficient manner.  And with a broadening ecosystem of tech vendors stepping in to complement these integrated solutions, IT is getting the best of both worlds: the speed and efficiency of converged platforms plus the ability to extend and customize the overall environment.


Find out who are the 5 latest tech vendors featured for delivering value to FlexPod and converged infrastructure solutions on the FlexPod Powered Partners page