What Are the Goals of Today’s IT Decision Makers? 


recent survey of 650 of those decision makers found that they want operational efficiency via digital transformation. To achieve that efficiency, legacy infrastructures need to be modernized. The question that arises is, “How?”

To modernize a legacy infrastructure by digitally transforming, you need a platform that can do the following:

  • Consolidate mixed workloads that include enterprise applications and databases
  • Reduce capital and operating costs

The essential decision that IT teams face is how to satisfy these goals while taking into account the needs of multiple stakeholders — CIOs, application teams, and storage teams.


Enterprise IT teams are turning to hyper converged infrastructure (HCI). With NetApp® HCI, those legacy infrastructures are on the way to modernization, stakeholders are happy, and there is room for mixed-workload consolidation.


But keep in mind that not all hyper converged architectures work the same.


With NetApp® HCI, you can run your infrastructure with confidence. Thanks to its predictable performance, ability to run a high level of mixed workload consolidation, and low total cost of ownership, investing in NetApp HCI is easy on your mind and on your budget.


The following factors can hinder success in supporting mixed workloads:


  • Predictable performance and availability. When consolidating diverse workloads on the same infrastructure, noisy neighbors can slow down performance, resulting in dissatisfied customers and loss of revenue.
  • Cost. If your total capital costs and operating expenses become too high, there is little room for modernizing your infrastructure.

In addition to these factors, the following roadblocks can hinder the success of mixed-workload consolidation:


  • Scaling
  • Connecting to the cloud
  • Deciphering an operating environment

The NetApp HCI enterprise-scale solution can span across a business and address these challenges, giving the enterprise the power to take on higher levels of workload consolidation and combine multiple database environments on a single infrastructure platform that is easy to deploy and manage.


Simply put, NetApp HCI delivers. With its predictable performance and availability that other HCI solutions can’t match, you can consolidate more workloads efficiently.

Are you ready to rise into the modern infrastructure? NetApp is ready to help you.


To learn more about the benefits of NetApp HCI, and how you can consolidate mixed-workloads, read this brief, Consolidate Mixed Workloads to Deliver Predictable Performance While Controlling Costs.

Caitlin Knight

Caitlin is a social content creator for NetApp’s Cloud Infrastructure marketing team. Working alongside the content strategy and the social media teams, Caitlin creates content that is paramount to helping customers understand how to harness the power of their data.