As NetApp® ONTAP® celebrates its 25th birthday, we continue to add industry-leading capabilities enabling customers to drive their business forward. Given the number of ways in which ONTAP can be optimized for key workloads, it’s been critical for us to make it as easy as possible to use. One way we do this is with our newly introduced set of “ONTAP recipes.” Read on.


Directly within ONTAP 9, we’ve added a guided setup process to make it easy to set up the entire system in a matter of minutes. And new wizards built into the System Manager GUI automate expanding or upgrading the cluster. With ONTAP 9, we released the significantly improved ONTAP 9 Documentation Center, which features numerous express guides for common activities as well as comprehensive overall documentation. The new AutoSupport® dashboard helps our customers see at a glance how their ONTAP environment is performing and often address problems before they even start. AutoSupport is now available as a mobile app for iPhone and Android.


Beyond all this, the IT world is changing. As storage administrators shift to becoming data visionaries, it’s increasingly falling to IT generalists to maintain the entire stack of necessary infrastructure. For these generalists, it’s more important to focus on quickly achieving outcomes than on mastering the details of each component.


All these facts are reasons we are introducing our ongoing set of ONTAP recipes. Just as you can flip through a cookbook to find a simple dish that looks delicious, the goal of each ONTAP recipe is to provide an easy-to-follow set of steps to achieve a specific data management outcome. Most of them will be no more than three or four paragraphs, in plain language, and perhaps including a few screen shots.


To start, check out these initial entries:

We host these ONTAP recipes on the NetApp Community, allowing for easy tagging and direct engagement with our customers and partners, many of whom already contribute their own learnings on the Community. We look forward to your feedback and input.

Jeff Baxter

Jeff Baxter is Senior Director for Product Management for NetApp ONTAP Scale-Out NAS. In this role, Jeff oversees an elite team of Product Managers and Technical Marketing Engineers working to build and communicate NetApp’s industry-leading approach to scale-out NAS and the broader unstructured data market. Previously, Jeff has held a variety of technical and strategy roles at NetApp, including serving as Chief Evangelist for ONTAP, and Field Chief Technology Officer for the Americas at NetApp.

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