Agile Infrastructure for OpenStack helps accelerate time-to-value for cloud infrastructure deployments.
Agile Infrastructure for OpenStack helps accelerate time-to-value for cloud infrastructure deployments.

Delivering the promise of a Next Generation Data Center that is more agile, scalable, automated, and predictable without the resources of an Amazon or a Google is a challenge that we at SolidFire sought to overcome.

And we did it.

Last year at the OpenStack Summit in Atlanta, SolidFire and Red Hat announced Agile Infrastructure (AI), a best-in-class converged infrastructure reference architecture that enables customers to deploy a production-ready and massively scalable shared infrastructure faster than ever before. We have continued to innovate on that original reference design, updating it as necessary to include the latest and greatest features of SolidFire’s Element OS and Red Hat’s OpenStack distribution.

This year, Red Hat is honoring SolidFire by selecting us from among 2,500+ global partners to be showcased during the launch of their Partner Connect Program. This open, collaborative ecosystem connects technology companies with the tools and resources to build certified solutions for the Red Hat family of products. Providing early access to pre-release technologies and resources to streamline solution delivery, the program helps customers solve their most complex challenges.

The accolade highlights SolidFire’s continued commitment to providing game-changing OpenStack solutions for joint SolidFire and Red Hat customers. Our converged OpenStack design takes an enterprise-ready approach to shared infrastructure, combining SolidFire’s scale-out storage system with compute, networking, and orchestration technologies to dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of deploying a cloud infrastructure for enterprise-class data centers. AI is intended to help accelerate time-to-value for operators and administrators deploying a cloud infrastructure.

SolidFire AI for OpenStack is built specifically for dynamic IT-as-a-Service-style offerings, such as self-service test and development or private cloud. The reference architecture we continue to iterate on is the outcome of an extensive configuration design, testing, and validation effort.

Beyond simply delivering a great platform for the Next Generation Data Center, SolidFire AI’s unique value lies in its completely open architecture that eliminates lock-in. As customer data center needs evolve, any component of AI can easily be upgraded, augmented, or replaced.

We’re proud that Red Hat has chosen to showcase SolidFire for the launch of its Partner Connect Program and couldn’t be more excited about our current offerings and what the future holds.

To learn more about SolidFire AI, explore SolidFire’s AI Solutions or stop by booth H4 at the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver, May 18-22, 2015. If you can’t make it to Vancouver, don’t worry, we will bring AI to you. Attend our upcoming webinar, “Accelerate your OpenStack deployment” on April 14th. Register now to reserve your spot!


Steven Walchek

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