Dave NesviskyWith HIMSS17 right around the corner, we met with Dave Nesvisky, senior director, NetApp Healthcare, to better understand why NetApp is uniquely positioned to reduce TCO with smart, simple solutions for healthcare data management.


Q: What is NetApp’s healthcare vision?


Simplicity – it’s the ultimate measure of sophistication.  Think of the things we take for granted on a daily basis –  the smart phone, which is a single pane of glass with an easy-to-understand user interface allowing immediate access to an unlimited number of applications. The automatic transmission in our cars. Today it’s not uncommon to have an eight-speed transmission. All we do is select “D” and the transmission seamlessly orchestrates hundreds of parts choosing the correct gear based on speed and load.


There are dozens of examples just like this. Traditionally, this concept has eluded IT infrastructure. Siloed systems each serve their own purposes, use their own unique operating systems, and necessitate separate training and support.


NetApp is uniquely positioned to provide healthcare the simplicity it not only deserves but requires in these uncertain and economically challenging times.  NetApp’s vision is to provide simplicity through sophistication for healthcare’s rigorous data management requirements. NetApp ONTAP data management software can be used as the common environment for every workload. ONTAP has been proven to effectively handle everything from latency sensitive EMRs to capacity scaling archives, working equally effectively on premise or in a cloud model.  ONTAP allows healthcare to enjoy that “single pane of glass” to manage all its data.


Q: What market trends and industry opportunities do you feel NetApp is best positioned to address in 2017, and why?


Clearly cloud is making its presence felt.  Every organization either has, or is creating, its cloud strategy.  With the broadest cloud-connected portfolio in the industry, NetApp is ideally positioned to help clients in every stage of cloud adoption – from hybrid cloud to private cloud to public cloud -including hyperscaler providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS).


ONTAP data management software has data mobility features built in, not bolted on. That allows clients to seamlessly move data to where it provides the most value to the organization…with no  additional software required.


In addition to cloud, clients are very interested in simplifying their overall infrastructure. FlexPod, our Cisco Validated Design for converged infrastructure, is extraordinarily flexible, allowing the system to easily scale to vast capacity without needing system forklift upgrades, data migration or maintenance outages.


The third trend is flash. Capacity and reliability are going up, so organizations are looking at flash to provide a lower-latency experience for users. NetApp is a leader in flash, offering not only the largest capacity SSDs in the industry but backing them with the extraordinary efficiency of ONTAP’s Compression, Deduplication and Compaction.


Q: What do you think the healthcare market needs to understand about NetApp?


NetApp is focused on providing the most agile, efficient and cost-effective data management in the industry. Unlike our competitors, who offer only a niche solution or a range of un-integrated diverse products, we offer data management solutions that serve all requirements of the enterprise. That includes flash for performance; large low-cost disks for capacity; on-premises and cloud solutions – all under the common umbrellas of ONTAP.


Q: In which specific daily processes and/or operations do healthcare institutions really feel the savings?


Imaging, analytics, business applications, patient facing portals, security – all enjoy the benefits that come from only needing one common platform to solve their business needs.  M&A activity is at an all-time high in the industry, so our clients take comfort in the fact that NetApp provides the agility to scale and take on new workloads as they appear without expensive and time-consuming outages and data migrations. The message is definitely resonating within the industry.


Want to know more about NetApp at HIMSS17? Visit us at booth #1771 to meet our experts & check out our TCO Generator.

NetApp Staff

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