In the last blogpost SAP HANA on NetApp storage we’ve demonstrated how easy it is to backup an SAP HANA database using Snap Creator and its SAP HANA plugin on NetApp. Besides many other advantages, it delivers a reliable, fully integrated and blazingly fast way of backing up the SAP HANA database.


Today, we want to focus on the restore and recovery of an SAP HANA database. Let’s first recapture the SAP HANA storage architecture and the requirements for a successful restoration.


SAP Hana restore.jpg


From a storage perspective the following four different areas need to be considered:

  • Data: Data volume(s) are the main areas that need to be restored, either by using a ‘local’ snapshot on the production side or a snapshot from the offline backup side. The later is used in case the required snapshot has already been deleted on the production side based on the retention policy.
  • Log: Online redo logs are required in order to recover the database to its most recent state. If the log volume is corrupt, it can be recreated (‘Initialize Log Area’).
  • Log Backup: Archived redo logs are important to recover the database and are required if a snapshot has been used to restore the database, where not all required redo logs are in the log area anymore. Log Backup is a NFS share that is mounted to the SAP HANA database.
  • Binaries: SAP HANA binaries do contain important configuration files, but do not change that frequently. Snapshot backups exist on local and offline backup side.


Based on the availability of the storage areas and based on what you want to achieve with the restore and recovery of your SAP HANA database (e.g. setting it back to before a logical error has occurred) different strategies are provided by SAP HANA. The most common procedure is ‘recover the database to its most recent state’ and is described in the following video.



By using the snapshot technology the actual restore of SAP HANA database volumes is a matter of a few seconds, independent of the size of the database.


More information on NetApp’s solution for SAP HANA could be found using the following links to documents:


Stay tuned – more to follow.

Bernd Herth

Bernd Herth architects and defines NetApp's SAP solutions as TME at the SAP Partner Port at SAP headquarters in Walldorf. He has over 25 years of experience in SAP software and in planning and architecting infrastructure solutions for SAP and has held various positions in the SAP ecosystem. Herth has published articles and books focused on SAP technology and virtualization. He holds a masters degree in physics and taught computer science classes as assistant professor.

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