Everybody knows it—that awful cracking sound when you are driving along and a stone hits your windshield. It’s a pain, and you know it’s going to mean downtime for your vehicle.


That’s where Safelite comes to the rescue. With 6 million customers relying on their services every year in the U.S., Safelight needs to be efficient and give the unfortunate customers that need their services the best possible experience.


To do that, Safelite has created an IT application set that allows for simple ordering, tracking, and payment systems—built on a next-generation data centre utilizing FlexPod SF. SolidFire is the storage for people who dislike storage and have no desire to understand it. That makes it perfect for a company whose focus is on the best possible repair of vehicle windshields, not storage or IT.


Giving a brilliant customer experience to every customer, every time is of huge benefit to both the company and the customer alike. Deploying a next-generation data centre with FlexPod SF helps ensure that, whatever growth the company goes through over the next few years, its data storage won’t be the limiting factor. The path to growth is clear for Safelite because they know that FlexPod SF will give them the ability to deliver applications for a brilliant customer experience both today and into the future, without worrying about storage.


By innovating with FlexPod, Safelite has gained the years of experience that NetApp and Cisco bring together in their converged, validated designs. And now, with the added benefits of SolidFire, Safelite can build applications faster, develop environments sooner, and run multiple projects on one shared flash infrastructure. The Safelite solution combines Cisco Nexus switching, Cisco UCS compute, and NetApp SolidFire all-flash storage in a FlexPod configuration that allows the company to grow any part of the environment independently.


It’s an exciting time in the evolution of converged systems, and Safelite is leading the charge in its industry. I for one am looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for the next-generation data centre movement.


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