With SAP HANA a new database and operational model arrived at customers’ SAP datacenters. With the focus on high performance and on memory computing, the term “real-time” in real-time analytics has gained a complete new meaning. With the launch of SAP HANA many of the existing databases will be replaced over time – and the promise, within memory technology that all will be better and faster seems to be close to fulfill.


Nonetheless, questions regarding how to optimize the operation and management of enterprise datacenters full of business critical systems running on SAP HANA, still need to be answered. Also customers are well advised to think about the availability of matured tools and products when choosing the right infrastructure to run SAP HANA on.


Most SAP HANA customers are building their SAP HANA infrastructure based on SAP’s Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI) approach, selecting certified servers, certified storage and network components. With NetApp’s FAS and AFF systems customers cannot only choose one of the most flexible storage infrastructure available to build their SAP HANA systems on, but can also embrace the most advanced product integration to streamline the SAP HANA lifecycle and operation.


Fully integrated snapshot based backup solution

NetApp has a long history of excellent solutions and products with a deep integration into SAP applications enabling customers to use NetApp’s snapshot technology for fast and reliable backup and recovery. The fully supported products help SAP customers not only to automate a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery strategy, but also integrate other important workflows with the focus on the complete SAP application lifecycle management including snapshot based system copy and cloning.


SAP HANA supports snapshot based backups starting with SPS7 and NetApp’s customers can use the product Snap Creator and a dedicated SAP HANA plugin to optimize their backup strategy.


With this initial blog I start a comprehensive tutorial showing a complete SAP HANA backup workflow using Snap Creator. Subsequent blogs will focus on:

  • Restore and Recovery
  • Snap Creator Configuration
  • Testing the DR Failover
  • SAP System Refresh
  • Snap Creator Block Integrity Check

This initial video will discuss the setup and shows a comprehensive backup workflow using Snap Creator with its SAP HANA plugin. Watch the video below:



More information on NetApp’s solution for SAP HANA could be found using the following links to documents:

Stay tuned – more to follow.

Bernd Herth

Bernd Herth architects and defines NetApp's SAP solutions as TME at the SAP Partner Port at SAP headquarters in Walldorf. He has over 25 years of experience in SAP software and in planning and architecting infrastructure solutions for SAP and has held various positions in the SAP ecosystem. Herth has published articles and books focused on SAP technology and virtualization. He holds a masters degree in physics and taught computer science classes as assistant professor.

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