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Becoming a leader in education today takes both dedication and technology to empower teachers, administrators and most importantly, students.


Seminole County Public Schools (SCPS) is revolutionizing the way educators teach and students learn. Florida-based SCPS ranks among the largest public education systems in the United States. It has been recognized at state and national levels-and even by the White House-for its leadership role in transforming education through technology. 


With 66,000 students attending 67 schools, SCPS ranks among the largest public education systems in the United States; and is still growing, adding up to 1,000 students a year. As SCPS grew, so did demands on its existing IT infrastructure.


“Becoming a premier educational system and a national model of excellence takes both dedication and technology. We realized that to achieve our goals, we needed to transform and upgrade our existing infrastructure,” said Tom Condo, supervisor of IS Operations at SCPS.  


An IT infrastructure that delivers the performance and capacity needed by physical and virtual environments to drive SCPS’s collaboration, innovation, and growth is critical, but with an aging inflexible SAN, this situation became a challenge. SCPS required a more powerful, flexible and efficient storage infrastructure to drive its collaboration, innovation, growth and scholastic excellence.


NetApp partner, Greyson Technologies Inc. recommended an 84TB NetApp FAS8040HA hybrid storage array and a NetApp AltaVault AVA400 cloud-integrated storage appliance to supply a fast, efficient and secure backup to cloud solution. 


Using NetApp FAS8040HA storage with NetApp Flash Pool and NetApp clustered Data ONTAP technologies, SCPS could now provide nonstop data access and fast application response to over 40 departments, from digital learning and dining services to payroll and security, as well as benefit from cost savings that pave the way for more IT enhancements.


“SCPS’s mission is to help student realize their full potential,” says Condo. “Our job in IS is to assist over 10,000 employees and educators across departments, programs, applications, and websites in achieving that goal; Greyson Technologies and NetApp are our enablers.”


With the ability to configure and deliver compute and storage resources with even more speed and agility, the IS team can better respond to opportunities such as those that may be granted through the $50 million Laurene Powell Jobs’ XQ Super School project. With financing awarded to the top five winners, the project challenges teachers and students to come up with ideas for high schools designed to help students better prepare for 21st-century careers.


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