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We’ve previously written about the features and functionality service providers should look for in their infrastructure, specifically their storage infrastructure, in order to better deliver the human-powered managed services increasingly in demand by enterprises. These services will make up a large portion of service providers’ revenue in 2016 and beyond.

To review, we’ve talked about the importance of scaling granularly and without impact to service availability or performance. This allows service providers to minimize downtime, uphold SLAs, and ease capacity planning headaches and over-provisioning all while enabling rapid elasticity, especially in private clouds and dedicated hosting environments.

We covered storage performance QoS controls and their ability to minimize or end performance-related trouble tickets, while also allowing you to offer shared storage in your hosted private and hybrid clouds. This provides the functionality and service levels of dedicated storage but more economically in order to lower costs for customers.

Automation was also discussed, particularly how streamlining manual tasks creates efficiencies that improve the service levels and profitability of your managed services. And of course, we talked about the need to maintain the highest availability levels for your contractual managed services and how storage infrastructure can enable that.

So to help demonstrate visually how SolidFire supports each of these areas, we’ve created some new videos that will become part of a series of demonstration videos meant to do two things:

Help service providers’ engineering and operations teams better assess SolidFire’s capabilities during the pre-sales evaluation period.
Help streamline the installation and deployment process after purchase by offering visual “how-to” guidance

Check them out below, and subscribe to our YouTube channel so you’ll get notifications as we release additional videos in this series. Happy viewing!

1. How to Scale and Upgrade SolidFire Storage Seamlessly (Without Customer Impact)
See how you can add or remove nodes to a SolidFire cluster in order to scale incrementally, and also mix and match nodes across generations and node types, all without any impact to storage availability or performance.

2. How to Provision, Control, and Change SolidFire Storage Performance On The Fly (While Guaranteeing IOPS for Mixed Workloads)
Learn how to set, control, and dynamically change performance levels for multiple mixed workloads on a shared SolidFire SAN.

3. Demonstration of SolidFire’s Automated Self-Healing HA
See a demo of SolidFire’s automated HA, and watch what it looks like to rebuild from a shelf-based failure in less than 10 minutes.

4. How to Setup and Install a SolidFire Cluster In Less Than 5 Minutes
Learn how to complete the initial installation and configuration of a 4-node SolidFire cluster, all under five minutes.

Darnell Fatigati